In order to change the world dominated by material desires, capital and conflicts, a group of outstanding people began to build the Metaverse on the blockchain. The metaverse here also ushered in a new century, where there is no currency transaction, a few human beings have evolved, and people can also dive online from various countries and regions, and they are connected to each other as virtual avatars. In order to find out what is behind the evolution, an organization called XN, which is also righteous and evil, began to launch a revenge action against the third floor of the Senate. As the only laboratory on the third floor, the 10,000 virtual avatars created by N Lab are also slowly awakening. N Lab gradually becomes crazy, announcing to the world that creation will not stop and will continue to accelerate.
On the tallest building in District D, a 10-year-old boy in a suit is sitting outside the railing on the edge of the tall building, staring at the computer and typing on the keyboard. A new type of AI girl is sitting beside him. Her appearance is similar to that of a 20-year-old boy. Girls are similar, with a head of black hair scattered on the shoulders. Only the little boy knows that the hair on this head has different triggers, and only wearing special glasses can discover the mystery of this hair. Although the AI ​​girl is motionless and seems unconscious to others, no creature can approach the little boy within a radius of 30 meters.
After a long time, the little boy covered the computer, put on a pair of ordinary-looking glasses that could be changed in many ways, and looked at the AI ​​girl beside him: “Mi Li, have you ever seen light?”
The Metaverse has been in darkness for nearly a century, Mi Li shook her head: “No, Mi Li cannot walk with light.”
The little boy raised his hand to caress the frame of the glasses, and the corner of his mouth raised: “No, we will see the light soon, let’s go, people will come here soon.”
Mi Li nodded, the little boy pulled one of Mi Li’s hair, and threw it on the ground mercilessly, then Mi Li got up and turned into a small flying ark, the little boy went inside, the glasses became a chip, and the little boy inserted it into the host , began to manipulate the data on the big screen, and said, “Destination Senate.”
Not long after they left, sure enough, a large number of virtual avatars created by the N laboratory came to the building, carefully inspected every inch of the building, and only found the hair on the ground. When they brought it back to the laboratory for inspection, they did not obtain it. any leads.
Three years ago, the little boy was named Jelly. His parents were scientists. Because of the special nature of their work, they often left Jelly alone at home. Jelly was also very sensible and intelligent. On June 10, 2049, Jelly’s parents brought back an AI girl. Jelly was very happy and named the AI ​​”Mi Li”, but after that night, Jelly never saw her parents again.
The third basement of the Senate House
Liu Zhiyuan was furious: “Waste, a bunch of waste, destroy them.”
After inputting the destruction program for these virtual avatars that failed the test, the subordinates in protective clothing lifted them up and walked to the depths of the senate’s barren and bare back mountain. Soon, they stopped in front of a bottomless pit and put these virtual avatars The avatar was thrown towards the entrance of the cave, turned around and returned to the Senate.
The person who had been lurking in the dark place on the mountain for a long time ran to the entrance of the cave to save the person after seeing the person in protective clothing walking away.
The boy took out the special clothes he had prepared and put them on, and looked at his companion next to him: “Ding Ke, let’s compare who is faster.”
Ding Ke smiled contemptuously: “Are you sure?”
The boy nodded, Ding Ke quickly put on the special clothes, and jumped into the cave, leaving Ding Ke standing still in surprise: “Wow, Li Chao, wait for me.”
Because of wearing special clothes, they can salvage the virtual avatars suspended in this bottomless, pitch-black hole, and can avoid being sucked away by the black hole. Soon, the two of them fished out the virtual avatar and brought it back to the first floor of the Senate.
The two put the virtual avatar on the operating table, and Ding Ke began to complain: “It’s really a crime, and it’s actually doing what it’s old for.”
Li Chao smiled: “Isn’t your old job picking up trash? Can you not insult the profession of a doctor.”
Ding Ke raised his head angrily: “I’m an outstanding surgeon anyway, can you show me some face.”
“Face?” Li Chao chuckled, looked up at Ding Ke suspiciously.
A knock on the door interrupted the quarrel between the two. A girl with high ponytails and her feet on the sky walked up to observe the virtual avatar on the bed that Ding Ke and Li Chao had just brought back: “Say, Liu Zhiyuan will Won’t you die of anger? These retarded babies were brought back by you again.”
Li Chao and Ding Ke looked at each other and smiled: “It’s not time to let him know, wait for the boss to toss for a while, and scare him to death.”
“I’m not tossing about, aren’t you all the tossing? And call me Tianguang, not the boss.” The girl raised her head and said seriously.
Realizing that they said something wrong, the two quickly apologized: “Okay, okay, it’s us, so Tianguang, you came here suddenly, do you have a new plan?”
Tianguang shook his head: “No, there are fewer and fewer clues recently, those evolutionists are disappearing more and more, jelly and rice grains are back
After finishing speaking, the girl turned and left. When the two heard this, they became more excited. Ding Ke showed a happy face: “Quick, I’m going to find my wife after I’m done.”
Hearing this, Li Chao picked up the knife on the operating table and pretended to plunge it into Ding Ke’s heart: “Don’t disgust me in front of me.”
Ding Ke shrank back cooperatively, and said foolishly: “I’m sick of you, I’m sick of you.”
Laboratory on the first floor of the Senate
Jelly watched the rice grains charging in the charging compartment, and began to study the latest program, hoping that the rice grains could have the function of self-purification. The virtual world keeps staying. Because the N experiment keeps creating virtual avatars and discharges a lot of filth, the rice grains cannot purify the filth in the virtual world, and the power consumption becomes faster and faster. If we act in the future, there will definitely be big problems.
After Ding Ke and Li Chao finished their tasks, they also ran to the laboratory. Ding Ke looked at the rice grains in the charging compartment and asked suspiciously: “Jelly, what’s going on? Didn’t the rice grains just fill up the day before yesterday?”
Li Chao looked at Jelly who was seriously studying the program: “Is there something wrong?”
Jelly didn’t raise her head, and replied: “Recently, more and more heavy metals that are incompatible with rice grains have caused her to be unable to discharge the dirt, and it is blocked. The charging power cannot be fully converted. Every time it is fully charged, it will maintain the previous 30 at most. %, if this continues, I may need to choose a new partner.”
Li Chao asked worriedly: “What program are you using, maybe we can help you.”
“No, you can’t help me. Mi Li was transformed by me three years ago. Her core is very different from Liu Zhiyuan’s avatars. Only I can solve it.” Jelly replied to Li Chao while continuing to write the program.
Li Chao and Ding Ke didn’t bother anymore, and just stayed with Jelly not far away.
After a long time, Jelly raised her head and looked at Li Chao and Ding Ke: “Help me.”
Li Chao was reading a book, and immediately raised his head when he heard the voice. Ding Ke, who was in a drowsy sleep, was pushed awake by Li Chao: “What’s wrong? The rice grains are full?”
Li Chao looked at the disappointing Ding Ke, helped his forehead helplessly, walked in and asked Jelly: “How is it? What do we need?”
“The third floor underground, grab Liu Zhiyuan’s Th.” Jelly looked at Li Chao and said seriously.
Hearing this, Ding Ke was a little embarrassed: “But we and Li Chao have no rice grains, so we can’t reach the third underground floor at all.”
Jelly seems to have thought it through: “Look for Tianguang, let the people from the XN organization and Mi Li join you, I need all the Th in his hands.”
Li Chao hesitated: “Tianguang never took the initiative to participate in the grievances of the first and third floors.”
“No, she will.” Jelly nodded affirmatively.
The third basement of the Senate House
Ding Ke looked at the scene in front of him, the lights were bright, and there were virtual avatars everywhere, as if he was in the bliss of the world, he patted Li Chao next to him: “Why did Tianguang agree to Jelly? She always picks up Liu Zhiyuan’s leftovers.” Yes, without disturbing each other, it makes no sense to intervene suddenly.”
Li Chao carefully observed the surroundings: “I don’t know, can you be more serious, our energy is limited, we have to go back quickly, or our lives will be lost here.”

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