Reborn As A XANA Master

Scary …… mom …….

It’s dark… mama… where?

It’s pitch black.

It seems that my consciousness was flying a little.

The feeling of fluffy hair…

–Oh, well, Sen-chan.

I realized that what I was holding was Sen-chan, a Saint Bernard.


Are you guys ……?

Light, yes, we need light.

A light on the bird skill…just thinking about it, the torch skill comes to mind.


Damn, it’s dazzling. ……

The skill was activated immediately.


The voices I heard almost at the same time were Himemi and Misaki.

It’s so bright that I can’t open my eyes, and it takes dozens of seconds to get used to it.

When I was able to see what was going on around me, I noticed that Mami was lying beside me.

HP is 60%, mana is full, stamina is almost zero.

Check your status and relax.

I’m just out of stamina and unconscious.

“I’m Himemi. It’s about 15 meters ahead of Master at 12 o’clock. I’m out of stamina and can’t move. Master, are you okay?”

“Misaki is about 10 meters behind Master, in the direction of 6 o’clock. Like Himemi-chan, I can’t move either.”

Considering my status, my stamina is still less than 10%.

“Okay. I’m the same. It’s fine, so just wait for recovery.”

I can’t see Kaede and Chushin-kun, where are they?

Try to remember what happened.

The floor around me… No, I could see that the floor under Mami was about to fall out….

Hugs to Mami and Sen. …….

Then Himmemi and Misaki came to hug me.

The place where I fell was a slope of about 45 degrees, and the width was about the width of my hands.

Sen-chan slipped down first and gave up after being out of sight.

I hold Mami in my left hand and hold on with my hands and feet so that she doesn’t slip off.

Misaki and Himemi grabbed my body and stepped on it.

I endured it for a while while sliding down, but in the end I ran out of strength and slid down vigorously.

And when I came to, I was here.

I feel like I’ve been slipping for quite some time.

Since my stamina has decreased this much, it’s probably not my imagination.

Looking at the ceiling, about three meters above, there are multiple mouths of the ramp that fell down.

It’s not a place you can climb.

Consider sending Chuuta (mouse) and Lizzy (squirrel) to scout.

――Wow, I was surprised!

I was surprised when a face suddenly appeared from the ceiling.

“Ah, Master Mikke! Everyone… is here.”

It was maple.

Well, a maple that can climb walls doesn’t have such a ramp.

“Good shot”

It falls headfirst, spins around, and lands on the floor.

“Good luck. Everyone looks good.”

Looking around, Kaede seemed relieved.

“No, I can’t go yet. I’m out of stamina.”

Master, when you say you can do it, you mean you can do it.

“Oh, I see.”

“You’re speaking Kyoto dialect at my house. You’re a master, but you’re in trouble.”

“Aha, I’m embarrassed… so, what’s going on upstairs?”

“The ones who fell were the masters, but still.”

“Eh, that’s supposed to be–!”

“Captain Duck is about to put out a dirt wall. Captain seems to have ninja skills.”

“Ah, that’s it… what do you mean?”

“Yes, Yukki-san and the others saw it and immediately used Earth Genesis to block it with a dirt wall block.”

…… Kuu, I’m not the only one who’s unlucky.

“Master, I don’t think there was time to set Earth Genesis at that time.”

Himemi follows me when I’m depressed.

“If Master hadn’t prioritized Mami, there might have been time to set…”

Yes, yes, even at times like this, Misaki prioritizes the jealousy setting…

It seems that I was dissatisfied with my first attempt to protect Mami.

“Well, what happened to your loyal retainer?”

We secured your footing with a wall of earth and gravel, so you didn’t fall.

“Kaede, isn’t Master’s safety the priority here!”

Himemi tries to get up even though she is dizzy.

I regret that we couldn’t save the master. But it couldn’t be helped because our floor started collapsing first!

“Well, Himemi. Kaede must have been desperate, so please don’t blame me.”

Master, thank you very much. I like you very much because you are very kind.

Saying that, Kaede hugged me as I was leaning against the wall.


Himemi puffed out her cheeks, turned away, and sat down again.

“Wait a minute, Kaede! Why are you the only one who’s spoiled by Master!”

This time, Misaki tries to crawl on all fours with less stamina.

“Wait, Misaki, don’t move! Stamina recovery is the priority!”

“Then, when my stamina recovers, it’s my turn!”

“Ah… Ah, well, if only I had time.”

“No, even if I don’t have time, I’m definitely the next one.”

What’s up with the skeletons and wither skeletons up there……?”

I decided to digress from Misaki.

Kaede snuggles up to me and clings tightly to my arm.

Hey, Kaede, I’m more scared of Himemi as of late than Misaki, so stop there…

“It’s been about 30 minutes, but Rebecca-chan’s undead skill will knock them all out.”

“Eh, it’s been so long already…”

All the skeletons have been eliminated. Now we are preparing to attack the boss room.

You already found the boss room!”

“I can’t find anything, but the second floor is only that hall, and the rest is the boss room.”

“So that’s what this is about. …… then, this is …….”

Master, we’re on the third level.

Mami suddenly got up and said.

Oh, Mami, thank God. You should still rest.”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, I fell.”

No, just ……”


“Oh, Sen-chan seems to be okay too.”

Sen-chan, the Saint Bernard, had just lost consciousness due to running out of stamina.

However, his HP is much reduced, probably because he fell quite hard.

So, Master, what should Tadatomi and I do?”

‘Well, I’d prefer to have more forces to fight the bosses. ……Himemi, what do you think?’

Yes, Master. If this is the third level, the enemy will be stronger, but since we are also at a higher level, I think we can surpass them on our own.

So I checked the status and sure enough, the level had risen to twenty-one.

I must have leveled up while I was unconscious.

‘Well, the party members were fighting to the end, so those of us who fell went up.’

Yes, so I think it would be better to have them defeat the boss and meet up with them on the third level.”

All right, let’s get Kaede and Tadataka to join us in the boss fight.”

“Eh, I’ll be with Master, okay?”

“No, Kaede, it’s not safe for you, loyal retainer, to be alone, so I’m begging you, Kaede.”

If the master says so, then I guess I have no choice. But hug me later.”

I’m sorry, Kaede. But don’t push yourself too hard like before. I don’t want to lose you.”

Gyu has a few problems, but…

“Yes, Master. I’m going to beat the boss for sure.

I attached Chuta to Kaede for communication.

Lizzie the squirrel was left because she was needed for stealth reconnaissance, without Kaede.

About 20 minutes after Kaede returned to the second level, the AI secretaries were fully recovered.

However, my recovery is slow for some reason.

I’m still only about 60% recovered.


A warning message suddenly appeared in front of me.

what’s this……?

Warning! Activity limit reached. Please terminate immediately. Shutdown in 30 seconds.

Eh, eh!





(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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