Daily GAME PLAY Campaign: A Week of Exciting XANA Gaming!

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Campaign Overview

Join the Excitement with XANA’s Daily GAME PLAY Campaign! Experience a new XANA game every day for a week, share your gameplay experiences on Twitter, and stand a chance to win rewards! Each day, a selected XANA game and the tweet URL of the creator’s game introduction will be announced on XANA’s official Twitter around 14:00 (UTC) the day before. Enjoy the game, share your thoughts, and potentially win prizes!

Participation Guidelines

How to Join and Increase Your Winning Chances:

  1. Follow the game creator’s Twitter account.
  2. Quote-retweet the tweet introducing the game with hashtags #XANA #XANAGames and any other relevant hashtags.
  3. Share your gameplay experience and suggest improvements for the creators to enhance your winning odds.


Winning Has Never Been More Fun!

  • For Players: 5 winners will receive $20 worth of XETA each.
  • For Creators: The game creator will be awarded $50 worth of XETA.

Request for Game Creator

Attention, Game Creators! Here’s What You Need to Do:

  1. Select 5 player winners based on their reviews and comments or through a random draw.
  2. Direct Message (DM) the official XANA Twitter account with the following details:
    • Twitter usernames (starting with “@”) of the 5 winners.
    • Your wallet address for receiving the $50 XETA reward.


Mark Your Calendars!

  • The campaign runs from August 10th to August 16th.

XANA App Download

Get the XANA App and Dive Into the Fun!


Join the Daily GAME PLAY Campaign Today and Share Your XANA Gaming Experience!

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Table of contents