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Overview of the Challenge

Unleash Your Creativity with AI Art

  • Theme: Combine XANA PENPENZ with AI Art for DUEL CARDS!

Rewards for Winners

Exciting Prizes Await Your Artistic Flair

  • For 40 Winning Entries: Each will receive 8 packs (totaling 40 cards) of PENPENZ AI-art Duel Cards.
  • Participation Reward: Submit a minimum of 5 artworks to earn one Duel Card.
  • Lottery Announcement: If submissions exceed 500, a lottery will decide winners.

Participation Requirements

Guidelines for Entry Submission

  • Submission Details: Include your PENPENZ AL application registration information.
  • AI Art Software: Use Midjourney, ensuring reproducibility from SEED values.
  • Artwork Theme: Focus on penguins, with a preference for Japanese concepts like ninjas over Western themes.
  • Submission Limit: No cap per participant.
  • Judging Focus: Quality over quantity of entries.
  • Invalid Submissions: Entries not meeting participation requirements or guidelines.
  • Five Artwork Reward: A duel card awarded for submitting at least five qualifying artworks.
  • Lottery Process: Post 500 submissions, selection through a lottery.

How to Participate

Step-by-Step Submission Process

  1. Twitter Posting Requirements:
    • Completed artwork image.
    • Software name and used spell.
    • Card attributes.
    • Brief commentary on the artwork (include English if possible).
    • Use tags: #AIart, #XANA, #PENPENZ, #Giveaway, #FreeMint.
  2. Application Form Submission:
    • Submit your tweet’s details here.
    • Past works are eligible. Re-post them on Twitter with the required details.
    • Contributions to the #penpenz contest on Discord are encouraged.

Challenge Timeline

Key Dates for Participants

  • Challenge Duration: From February 9 to March 9.
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Table of contents