XANA Game Competition (1st) Entry World List

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First Edition of the XANA Game Competition

As the submission phase for the Creator category in the first XANA Game Competition concludes, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants. Below, you’ll find the list of worlds that have been entered into the competition.

Participate as a Player or Promoter

  • For Players: Dive into these unique worlds, experience the games, and share your thoughts. We encourage you to provide feedback highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. Use the provided application form to submit your insights. Note that the 29 worlds listed in this article are the ones eligible for your review.
  • For Promoters: Your role is crucial in amplifying the visibility of these creative worlds. Whether promoting the competition as a whole or each individual world, your efforts contribute significantly to the success of this event.

Important Deadline Reminder

The closing date for submissions in both the Player and Promoter categories is set for August 30 (UTC). Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with and support the pioneering worlds of the XANA Game Competition!

List of applied Worlds

Entry No. Creator Name (Discord) World Name
1 hideki FindOutTheLostChild
2 Sakura_Meta 闘え!CUNTAM
3 jiraiya ChaosGamesStadium
4 MGR Sea_Jumpers
5 chamugi message
6 もきよ 忍者村の夏祭りへGO!
8 たあた NinjaEnoMichi
9 shim GameNinja
10 なおたん MugennYuuennti
11 Hi-ro DICE49
12 shumall0101 NinjaWorld
13 flyfish スプレッドワールド
14 けんた KentaCemetery
15 Fum (ファム) @UK Dark_Maze
16 miso soup TAKESHI NINJADAO&CNPP三択クイズ
18 らふ | XU instructor?らふくま城 らふくま城
19 へいへい HelpToHeyHey
22 aj.xana Xanadu
23 キノコバード | XU instructor? GREENDASH
24 キノコバード | XU instructor? LOSTSHADOW
25 キノコバード | XU instructor? GHOSTOFSEEKING
26 キノコバード | XU instructor? LABYRINTH
27 キノコバード | XU instructor? MELIDO
28 あいおー(億) gotohome
29 seayuuki_xanaqueen 忍者修行スゴロク

Application Form

To apply for the Player and Promoter category, please fill out the application form below.
・Application form URL: https://forms.gle/wmsJ57GETafLMr29A

About XANA Game Competition

For more information on the XANA Game Competition, please see the following blog post.
・Blog post URL: XANA’s $100k Metaverse Game Contest Ignites a Web 3.0 Gaming Revolution


▶ Download

Windows : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nbi.xana
iOS: https://xana.net/blog/how-to-download-xana-app/


Join the excitement and be part of the XANA Game Competition now! Whether as a Player providing valuable feedback or as a Promoter amplifying the reach, your participation is key to the success of these innovative worlds. Click here to access the application form and get started. Let’s make the XANA Game Competition a resounding success together!

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