XANA DAO MVP of December 2022: Honoring Outstanding Contributions

XANA recognizes the remarkable contributions of community members with the XANA DAO MVP Awards for December 2022. These awards celebrate the efforts and creativity within the XANA ecosystem.

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Celebrating Contributions and Creativity

Award Process

  • Nominations: Open for self-recommendations or recommendations by others.
  • Voting: Conducted via a Google Form link in the XANA DAO Activity Awards category on Discord.
  • Selection: Winners are chosen by management after the voting process.

Nomination and Voting Schedule

  • Self Nomination: December 16th to 31st, 23:59 (UTC).
  • Nominated by Others: During December and January 1st to 3rd (UTC).
  • Voting Period: January 4th to 10th (UTC).
  • Winner Selection: From January 11th to around 15th (UTC).

Award Categories and Activities

MVP Supporter

  • Role: Supporting DAO members with recruitment decision proposals and plans.

MVP Promoter

  • Role: Promoting XANA through various digital channels and contributing to DAO referrals.

MVP Creator

  • Role: Creating XANA-related content in various forms, including MEMEs using XANA as a theme.

MVP World Builder

  • Role: Developing engaging worlds within the XANA builder and measuring visitor engagement.

MVP Genesis Trainer

  • Role: Training and engaging in innovative conversations with XANA: Genesis.

Reward Details

For Each Category

  • MVP Winner: $400 + NFT + WL (Whitelist).
  • Runner-up MVP: $50 + NFT + WL for two individuals.
  • Best Effort Award: WL for seven individuals.

Prize Specifications

  • Prize Money: Awarded in stablecoins.
  • NFT: MVP Wearable for the Month.

Join the XANA Community and Make Your Mark!

Become a part of the vibrant XANA community and contribute your unique skills and creativity. Whether you’re a supporter, promoter, creator, world builder, or Genesis trainer, your efforts can make a significant impact. Get involved, nominate, vote, and potentially earn rewards while shaping the future of the XANA Metaverse. Let’s innovate and grow together in the XANA DAO community!

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Table of contents