Reborn As A XANA Master

Yukki-san defeated the last slime, and all the monsters disappeared.

The defeated monsters all melted into fragments in a few minutes.

――Pappara Pappa!

When all the monsters disappeared, a sudden fanfare resounded.

Everyone was startled, but at the same time, their bodies began to shine.

Shakien, Shakien, Shakien!

Level up one after another.

All reached level 10.

Apparently it doesn’t level up until the battle is over.

As expected, if I defeat that much and have a trial boost, it will go up about ten…

Everyone’s status, such as HP, has almost doubled.


“Ah, there is no recovery when leveling up.”

As Yukki pointed out, it was true.

Kaede leveled up while she was unconscious, but her HP didn’t recover, let alone mana.

It’s recovering naturally, but it’s pretty slow.

“Everyone, don’t you have any limbs missing?”

I became worried and checked to see if there were any missing parts of my body.

But no one was like that.

“It doesn’t seem to be treated as a bug here.”

When Yukki-san said that, I realized.

“Is that so, you’re here to cut HP according to the original specification.”

Buster penguins attack us as bugs.

On the other hand, do the monsters here just fight adventurers purely…?

“I think so. However, what will happen if my HP becomes zero… that’s what I’m worried about.”

“That’s right.”

“Master, Kaede-chan, use Sen-chan’s skill.”

Mami straddling Sen-chan came over and urged me to see Sen-chan’s skills.

Fully restores all HP, stamina, and mana when out of combat.

Oh, I see, the St. Bernard’s Rescue Dog skill… I can use this.

Target 1, avatars other than pets, the number of times is… once a day.

Kuh, just one time…

As Mami said, almost none of them should be used on Kaede… I’m still unconscious.

No, should I heal Mami and heal everyone with Mami’s heal?

But…, even though I’ve leveled up, I still want to save my mana…

Oh, come to think of it, the egg Liv-san gave me…

Check your item box.

Was it 20% recovery with just one?

Should I take it out and check the status…?

Yeah, with 20% recovery, there are 20 in total, so 4 per person is 80%.

Does that mean there are five people?

Wait, that’s not enough.

Three pieces each, equal to six.

Yukki-san and Kana-chan are for two…

Himemi and… Kaede is unconscious, so she can’t eat eggs in the first place, can she?

That means Misaki, Mami, and Tadanobu, for six people.

I’ll use two of them… or try the effect first, it’s poisonous.

Put an egg in your mouth.

Yeah…it tastes like eggs, it doesn’t get stuck in my throat at all…or rather, I don’t drink water at XANA at all.

It’s not just HP! “This is amazing!” “Your mana and stamina will recover by 20%.”

After giving out the eggs to everyone, have Mami bring Sen-chan and use the recovery skill.

All of Kaede’s status recovered at once.

“Wow, I’m alive!”

“You did a great job, Kaede!”

I made a big smile and praised him. It’s only natural that Kaede is the person who has made great contributions this time.

“That’s right, you did a great job, Kaede-chan.”

After Yukki-san spoke, everyone praised Kaede one after another.

“I see, I see, I did my best.”

Saying that, Kaede stood up, stood in front of me, and spread her hands.


“You promised me. Master.”

“Ah, that’s right! You did, right? Then I’ll be next.”

Saying that, Misaki followed Kaede in a similar pose.

Himemi glared at me, so I remembered.

Oh my God!

That’s right… I mean gyu.

However, is it possible to do it in front of such a public …?

This is definitely the one that will make Himemi angry later――!

“Come on, Hayaushi and Okureyasu Master.”

I timidly stretch out both hands and wrap them around Kaede’s back… but my hands tremble a little.


Yukki-san laughs, but…

Yukki-san, it’s not for everyone.

There’s a girl in the same pose behind her.


As I hesitated, Kaede hugged me first.

“I’m going to do this, Master, please put more effort into it and hold me tight. Forgive me.”

“Wow, I understand…”

I made up my mind and hugged Kaede tightly.

“Wow, I’m so happy”

“Hurry up and take over, Kaede—!”

“Misaki-chan, wait a little longer. I feel great right now.”

“Mm–, then you only have thirty seconds left!”

In the end, I ended up hugging the two of them alternately three times.

In addition, Mami, who was watching with her fingers in her mouth, was also picked up and patted on the head.

During that time, it goes without saying that Yukki-san was doing the same thing as Kana-chan.

“Well then, let’s collect the weapons and explore the first floor.”

“Master, the weapons have already been collected.”

“Eh, when?”

“If it’s not in combat, you can collect it with one click. That’s why all the arrows have already been collected.”

When Misaki said that, Yukki didn’t seem to know and opened her own control panel.

“Oh, I see, once the battle is over, you can easily retrieve it, thank you Misaki-chan.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Master, you taught me that first, didn’t you?”

Kana-chan is a little bloated.

“Ah, that’s right, I’m sorry Kana.”

“Master, you know, I don’t think there are any other monsters here other than bosses.”

“Eh, is that so, Mami?”

“Yeah, it all came out at once.”

“Will Mami, the third-generation AI, understand? What do you think, Himemi…?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a setting that only Mami can understand.”

“Is that so… it might be so.”

“However, it’s abnormal that so many enemies appear at once at the initial level.”

“Certainly, if you can come at that pace, most players will end up on the first floor. But why?”

“I think the current owner of Oblo did it.”

“The master deliberately……isn’t it Eve?”

“I don’t know. It could be Eve herself, but it’s also possible that there is another master.”

“In that case, if there is another master… he might be the one responsible for this incident…”

“Yes. It is possible.”

“Is it because I’m going to be robbed of my master’s seat…”

The reason Yukki-san and I looked at each other was probably because we had the same guess.

However, I wanted to deny it to each other, so I didn’t put it into words.

“Since it’s designed to level up after the battle is over, it’s better to take out all of them at once and eliminate them, rather than sending out small monsters and letting the intruders level up.”

“I see, that’s true.”

After hearing Himemi’s analysis, everyone showed a satisfied expression.

“I think it would be quicker to split up and explore the first floor here.”

“Certainly… it’s as Himemi said. Let’s do it.”

“Yoitaro-san, before that, would you like to secure a base?”

“Oh, that’s right.

Explore the nearest 6m square room.

Found a treasure chest containing jewel currency.

Using that as a base, we teamed up with two people to explore the first floor.

I’m the answering machine.

Partly because I only ate one recovery egg, I’m the only one with a low status recovery amount.

“Then Master, I’ll come back if I find something, so please be quiet.”

“Sitting down doubles the automatic recovery.”


“Really, please be quiet.”

However, only Himemi came back in a few minutes.

I have a bad feeling…

“Master, I found this in the treasure chest, so please use it.”

What Himemi took out was a mana recovery potion.

“Oh, isn’t it amazing, it’s a mana full recovery potion. But it’s a waste for me to use it.”

“Is that so? Then, I’ll leave it to the master when using it.”

“Yeah, just in case of an emergency… Oh, you can use this in battle!”

“Items with potions can be used in battle. Most user-created items cannot be used in battle.”

“I see, I see.”

“Also, Master, I have something to think about, so could you send me a copy of Genesis?”

“yep, OK”

I took out the Metal Genesis card and set it.

Himemi points to the bottom right.

“Do you know the numbers here?”

When I looked at it, I saw a number of 1,800.

“This is a timer”


“The time that can be maintained during battle is 1800 seconds, that is, 30 minutes.”

“Eh, maybe, it can only be used during this time during battle.”

“Yes, so towards the end, the effective time of Metal Genesis was about to expire.”

“Gee, that’s right, I’m sorry I didn’t notice. I’m sorry.”

“One more thing, once you use it during battle, the timer will not stop even if you change or back up.”

“I understand. I used it without worrying about it. It’s saved.”

“And please don’t do that again.”

Himemi’s eyes got a little bigger and tighter.

It’s finally here! “It’s about Gyu…”

“Umm, that can’t be helped…”

“It can’t be helped! Kaede is an important family member, but it’s a mistake for the master to act as a substitute!”

Eh, is it different again?

“Are you sure, Master! The raison d’etre of us AIs is to be useful to you, Master!”

“Ah, over there”

I’m being scolded for the time I protected Kaede.

“If that master were to fall, the very reason for our existence would disappear.”

“Well, that’s true, but you guys are like my family now, so I really don’t want to lose you…”

“… I’m happy about that.”

Himemi’s eyes loosened a little.

“After all, when the family is in a pinch, it’s something you can’t think about later…”

“Even so, it’s no good!  If the master is gone, we AI will have no choice but to disappear!”

“Eh, isn’t that the case?”

“There is. The other day, the Zanarian’s AI, whose account was lost, was reset and resold at the auction. To be reset is synonymous with disappearing for us.”

“Ah, that’s right, that’s right… that’s right”

“So it’s fine, please don’t do such a reckless thing again.”

“Wow, I understand…”


Himemi returned to her usual calm expression.

He stands silently in front of me and stares at me.

“Hmm? What’s going on…”



“I’m not yet…”


“I’m the only one who hasn’t yet…”

“Is it only Himemi? Uh… what?”

“Are you silly? Or did I not meet the standards that Master praised me for?”

After saying that, he opened his arms.

Ah, maybe it was Gyu’s prompting…

Hey, hey, don’t be so expressionless, I don’t know, at least make your cheeks blush.

Even though I made it zero dere element…

“Okay, then excuse me for a moment…”

I put my hands around Himemi’s waist and back and gently hugged her.

You can’t do this in the real world.



“Hold it harder.

Zawa Zawa…?

I wonder if it’s tickling…

“Hey, I guess this is it”


Kuuu-, I’m begging you, no one will come…

“Eh, more”

“This is it”

Himemi gave me a tight hug.

Ah, this is dangerous, but the other two feel like daughters…

If you’re secretive, you’ll feel like a bride.

This isn’t a two-dimensional bride, is it… a three-dimensional bride?

It’s the same as real life.

Mr. Rio (Founder of XANA), just how far can AI evolve before he’s satisfied…?

“Master, please do not do anything that will prevent you from seeing me.”

Chilling… It’s dangerous when someone whispers in your ear.

I think I’ll fall in love with you.

Japan’s declining birth rate is likely to progress further…


《Somewhere in Oblo》

“Eve, what happened to the intruders on the first floor?”

“Yes. I took out all the floor monsters, but they were cleared. There are captors in the boss room, so I can’t reset the boss.”

“Well, it can’t be helped. Then somehow capture even one person on the second floor, and it’s a problem if everyone can come to the bottom floor.”

“Yes. I will do my best.”

“So what happened to R-3?”

“R3 is sending instructions, but it doesn’t respond.”

“Didn’t you get through?”

“No, I think they just didn’t respond for some reason.”

“I see, continue to give instructions. Anything other than R-3?”

“R-6 is still outside Oblo. The other 15 will arrive at the bottom floor soon.”

“Okay. What about transporting captured Xanarians?”

“If you transfer it now, it will be deleted by Buster Penguin.”

“Mother II is tenacious… when will the erosion end?”

“Mother II’s resistance is getting stronger, so it was planned for three more days, but we need five days.”

“I can’t wait any longer”

“Yes. I understand Master. I will do my best.”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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