A Light Beyond The Darkness

“Kay, where shall we go after this? It seems that a new item has appeared in the second generation avatar…”

That’s what Haruka says, so I nod and say this.

“Shall we go where Haruka wants to go?”

Since the person I love wants to go, I don’t want to go to a negative world before Ascension, but if it’s not that kind of world, I’ll generally go along with it.

‘Cause we’re dating

We have such a wonderful relationship that even AI has to admit it.

After all, that day, I went around various places, but maybe I couldn’t find a place that stuck with me, so I went around similar places.

However, there was still a harvest. I was able to touch on what Haruka likes.

After all, they probably wouldn’t want to go to places that didn’t suit their tastes, so going to similar places led to knowing Haruka’s tastes.

“Haruka, you have a wonderful hobby.”

“… My hobby is a little different, though. The details are different.”

There were a few complaints, but it was still a happy day.

Haruka wasn’t broken, and we can spend a lot of time together again.

And after that day, I never heard any rumors about the world breaking apart.

The world seems to have become perfect.

I’m sure it’s just my imagination that I feel a little lonely.

Since then, the first generation has also decreased significantly. …Or rather, most people started using the same avatars as the second generation. As a result, I couldn’t tell from the appearance how long the person had spent in this world, but I understood that I didn’t have to worry about such things.

The reason for this is that it is completely irrelevant to say that a person should live a long life, and it is meaningless to make judgments based on that alone.

“Kay, come to think of it, you haven’t been trading cryptocurrencies lately… Are you going after a long time?”

“That’s right. Let’s read the manga later. Is there anything else? If Haruka wants or needs something, I can move it around.”

I can even talk a little bit like an adult.

It’s a little gift from the world.

――Hey, Kei. sorry. My body is weak. You can’t go to a part-time job even if you want to take care of me, right? “I hate this body.” I hate the world that doesn’t accept this body even more. I wish the world was equal for all. I wish there was peace where everyone could live without worrying about anything. I wonder if it’s bad. I wonder if this world can’t do that.

I remember when Haruka in the other world said so.

…the world is fair.

Neither strong nor weak.

Everyone will be evaluated fairly.

It’s not like my body doesn’t move.

Because you are free in everything.

“Ah, hey, a new AI model is coming out today!”

Haruka was happily watching the news after saying that.

The growth of AI is also remarkable, and there are almost no things that bother humans.

We can live without suffering.

――Because of the XANA Metaverse.

A perfect world awaits everyone around the world, where the tears of the world no longer appear.

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