Reborn As A XANA Master

After searching the first basement level, the boss room was confirmed.

There were no other monsters at all.

If you clear the boss room, you should be able to go to the second floor.

Several mana recovery potions were found in the treasure chest.

There was no HP or stamina recovery potion.

Other than that, finding ten arrows that Misaki can use, a naginata, and a throwing spear that Yukki-san can use was a great harvest.

“The rest is just the boss here. Yukki-san, are you ready?”

“Yes, both me and Kana are fine!”

“Then, Himemi, Kana-chan, open the door.”



The two opened the double doors.

Metal Genesis has already been added to the shield.

Rush in while pushing out your shield.

Then, in the same formation as last time, the second and third columns follow.

It was a hall that seemed to be twenty meters square.

There is only one door inside.

For some reason it’s already open and you can see the stairs leading downstairs.

Stand in the center for a while.

“Nothing happens.”

“Yukki-san, what should we do?”

“Would you like to take a peek at the back door? I can see the stairs.”

“Shall we?”

“Master, what is that?”

Mami pointed up.

Something like a birdcage big enough for a person to fit in hangs from the ceiling with a chain.

Maybe there’s a boss over there?

“Everyone dodge, something is falling!”

Himemi screams and everyone scatters toward the wall.


Something black, small and round fell down.

And when it hit the floor, it collapsed.

“Now a hand came out of the basket and dropped it.”


Mami approaches.

“Wait a minute, Mami.”

Kaede grabbed Sen-chan and stopped her.

“Because it’s a ohagi?”


“I will check”

Himemi approached with a shield.

Come to think of it, it looks nothing more than Mami’s favorite food, ohagi.

But it can also be a trap…

Himemi poked with her sword, but nothing happened.

Master, it really does look like a goody-goody. I can’t check its status because it was crushed.”

“Could it be… is Mr. Botamochi over there?!”

Then a hand came out of the basket and gave a thumbs up.

It seems that he can’t speak.

“Botamochi-san, did you get caught in a trap?”

When Yukki-san shouted, her hand formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger.

“What’s wrong with this… Kana, is there any way I can help?”

“It’s five meters, isn’t it a distance I can reach…”

“As expected, a knight can’t fly…”

Himemi reacted to Yukki-san’s words.

“That’s it, Master! It’s Chun Chun.”

“That’s it! Himemi”

Master, let’s break up the party. Then we can serve both Chun-Chun and Chuta.”

“Oh, that’s it! Yukki-san, we’ll disband once.”


Since the party can be organized up to 10 people, this is the only way to bring out other pets.

Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be a boss, so there shouldn’t be any problems even if they disband once.

First, take out Chun Chun, a sparrow, write a message to Mr. Botamochi, and send it flying.

When I was conscious of the hand sticking out of the basket with my eyes, I was able to easily set up Chun Chun.

A few minutes after flying, Chun Chun returned.

The reply message is written in text.

Even so, thinking with the keyboard in mind and thinking with the voice in mind are almost the same in terms of work.

“I defeated the boss, but during the battle I noticed that he was hanging here.

I’ve been put into stealth and silent, and Tamotsu-san and Doubletim-san think I’ve disappeared.

The parties were separate.

The two of them have already gone to the second basement floor with five third-generation AIs.

Yukki’s platy is also safe.

All of Tamotsu’s second-generation AIs were killed by penguins on the beach.

It looks like the stealth time has expired, but it’s still silent.

By the way, my AI Yuna, Eris, and Julietta are here too.

Apparently, if you have a rogue-type lock picking skill and a rope, you can escape.』

“Does anyone have a rope?”

We have them. It’s a necessity for Kunoichi.”

“Oh, come to think of it, can’t maple climb a wall?”

“Master, take a look at that. There’s a ninja return over there.”

When I looked in the direction Kaede was pointing, I saw something like a sharp thorn protruding from the corner of the wall and ceiling.

I see, even if you can climb the wall, you can’t go to the ceiling.

“Ninja measures are being taken.”

However, even if it is impossible for a maple tree, it seems that a mouse can easily pass between thorns.

Chuta also has the lock picking skill, so it’s perfect for him.

I attached a thin string to the maple rope and made Chuuta hold it in his mouth.

Chuta easily climbed the wall, crossed the ceiling beam, followed the chain, and reached the cage in no time.

After a few minutes, I unlocked the door and saw the cage door open outward.

Botamochi-san looked down and waved his hand.

Along the rope, one AI came down first.

Botamochi’s AI secretary, who runs Metaverse Gym, is a muscular AI.

You didn’t bring the AI ​​for the Ohagi shop clerk, but for the gym instructor.

That means they are warriors…

After that, Mr. Botamochi comes down.

When I got to the floor, I thanked Yukki-san and I and shook hands.

When the last AI descended, Chuta bit off a part of the rope, and the slightly shortened rope fell out of the cage.

As expected, rats can’t untie knots.

When I was preparing to go down to the second floor, the silent effect on Mr. Botamochi disappeared.

“I did it, now I can speak”

“Oh, good for you. Mr. Botamochi.”

“Yeah, good. Mami, this is the person who makes your favorite food, ohagi.”


“Hahahaha, I don’t care who makes it.”

“Yeah, no.”

“Hey guys, Mami there…”

‘Ha-ha-ha-ha, see, I have plenty to give you.”

Botamochi-san handed out twenty ohagi from the item box.

“Thank you! Botamochi-san, I might like you next to Master.”

“Whoa, isn’t that too much cash?”

Everyone laughs there.

Since Botamochi-san joined us, we decided to divide the party into two.

Botamochi-san and his three AIs, a newly revealed wolf dog and goat pet, and Yukki-san, Kana and their two pets make up a total of 10 people.

Goat milk seems to have a recovery skill effect.

I have a team of seven, including two pets.

“Which one will you go first?”

“If I go first, I think the boss will come out after being reset.”

Mr. Botamochi and his friends have defeated the boss of the first floor, so if Mr. Botamochi is present, they will not appear.

“Ah, I see…”



eh–? !

Suddenly, the entrance and exit doors slammed shut.

“What happened–!”

I was the only one who raised my voice, but everyone was startled and nervous.

I checked both doors, but they seem to be locked and can’t be opened.

“Master, it seems that someone has entered Oblo.”

As Mami said, many realized why.

“It’s been reset!”

says Botamochi.

“The passage is full of monsters, isn’t it?”

said Yukki.

“If the door to the downstairs is closed, will the boss come out?!”

“I don’t think so. When Yotaro and the others entered, the boss didn’t appear. Probably because I was there.”

“I see, then it’s fine…”

“However, I don’t think the door to the lower floor will open unless the one who entered defeats this floor monster and comes to this boss room.”

Eh, that’s not bad…

“If that person didn’t clear it, I’d be stuck here.”

“That’s it!”

Yukki seems to have come up with the idea.

“Can’t you open the lock with Kaede-chan’s skill?”

“It’s not possible to open the lock according to the specifications of the system. Hurry up, I can’t let the reinforcements of the people who came in or go to the lower floors.”

“I’m sorry…I guess I have to wait for the time being…”


《Somewhere in Oblo》

“Master, another intruder.”

“Is there still someone coming…”

“There’s only one Xanarian, and one of them is R-6.”

“I see, now all the Astrochild’s are in Oblo.”

“Yes. How would you like to respond?”

“It’s okay to be the same”


Bo, bo, we are the Duck Adventure Group~♪

Courage RinRin, duck color~♪

Burning with hope, the color of a duck~♪

Is there such a thing as scary~♪

Bo, bo, we are the Duck Adventure Group~♪

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