Creator’s Metaverse

[XANA], which means [Ideal world], there is a fashion shop district in the world of the Metaverse named after it.

There, items that can be worn, such as costumes and accessories for the user’s alter ego called avatars, were sold.

The avatar itself can be created for free, but many users buy dress-up items from shops that sell them for a fee.

Various designers sell original products in the fashion shop district.

Among them, many avatars visited the animal design shop facing the square.

A cute girl with bunny ears and a maid outfit is busily working in the store.

“thank you very much! “Please come again♪”

“Thank you, Mr. Rabbi♪ I’ll come again!” 』

The girl’s avatar, who has finished changing into the cat-eared hoodie she bought, leaves the store with a happy expression on her face.

The items sold in the store are all animal-themed dress-up items.

From cute to sexy, the dress-up items targeting young female avatars are very popular, and the designer and manager, Tsukito Yayoi, is a sales person who never ceases to smile even in the real world. It’s going well.

(At vocational school, my designs were said to be too eccentric, but I’m glad to know that in this kind of world, they’ll be very popular. If the sales and reputation are good, they’ll hire me as an exclusive designer for XANA’s dress-up items. That’s what I’m talking about, I have to do my best!)


Yayoi, who has always loved animals, had many animal-themed clothes and accessories.

However, it is not popular with everyone, so it is not very popular at vocational schools.

As the time for graduation draws near, the teacher who consulted Yayoi about her career asks her if she knows anything about the Metaverse.

Although Yayoi had heard about it from her friends, she had never actually tried it, but her teacher later told her about it.

 In the newly emerged Metaverse world named XANA, a store town will be created to sell dress-up items for avatars, which will include not only famous brand stores, but also dress-up items from new designers.

Of course, there is an examination, and if you submit an original dress-up item and it is approved, you can open a store during the trial period.

Yayoi was immediately interested in the story, and the teacher introduced her to a page where the recruitment advertisement was posted, and she decided to start working on it immediately.

After spending about a month creating a dress-up item and applying for it, she won the prize.

Moreover, the store was given a good location facing the square where many people gathered.

Dress-up items that might seem intimidating to wear in the real world, but many users were happy to purchase them when it came to wearing them on their avatars.

In particular, Yayoi’s design is so unique that it cannot be imitated by others, and it suddenly became famous on SNS. 

(Actually, I wanted people in the real world to wear it, but users from all over the world come to XANA to buy it. Right now, the unit price is low, but if it sells, the sales will go up. After all, this kind of work. I wonder if it’s better for me.)

While thinking about it, I will finish the customer service.

Even if the rabbi himself is not here, he can buy and sell automatically, but he wanted to see the customer’s reaction, so he visited as much as time allowed.

“Rabbi, it seems that an interesting performance is being held at the event square. 』

When one of the customers suddenly called out to her, Yayoi was dumbfounded.

“Event…is it? 』

『In a group called Caravaggio, they have a reputation for being quite interesting in performances that combine music and video. It seems that there are several performances in a day, but it seems that it will start soon. It’s nice to go to the store, but it’s a loss if you don’t enjoy XANA properly.』

Saying that, the female avatar wearing a sexy leopard-print dress-up item paid the bill and left the store.

『It’s an event huh… It’s true that I was only in the store, and I didn’t see much of the other places.』

The previous customer was a regular customer, and had been coming many times since the store opened.

Every time there is a Rabbi, so I guess he took care of me.

『Then let’s go for a while』

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