Reborn As A XANA Master

Yeah? “What is your activity limit, Eva…?”

Something’s wrong, I can’t move my body…

What is money strapping?

“Master, Master, what’s wrong――!”

Ah, Himemi, my body suddenly stopped moving…

“Mami, what happened to Master?”

Himemi’s voice is muffled.

Huh, can’t you hear my voice… it feels like I’m underwater…

“Um… Uh…”

You know, like the cleric’s skill set, like the state of the art, you know?”

“Diagnostic vision skill activated!…… Um, Master is probably just sleeping…”

“Are you sleeping?”

“Yeah, it’s not poison, curse, debuff, or anything like that.”

“Oh, that’s right. Just sleep. Good for you.”

Himemi seems relieved, but Misaki still looks uneasy.

“Then, should I wake you up at six o’clock, like I did this morning?”

“Yes, Misaki, let’s do it.”

Huh, I’m still sleeping in real life…

I see, I haven’t used my physical strength, but… I wonder if my brain is spinning at full speed.

Are you saying that your brain is tired and you’re falling asleep in the Metaverse?

Ugh, I’m getting really sleepy…


–Hmm? “It’s kind of fluffy under my head, and it feels awful.”

Pillows… are they new? “No, it’s more elastic than that, but it’s soft…”

Oh, I see… I was sleeping, it’s already morning…

I’ve been dreaming about it until just now, the dream of the XANA Metaverse…

“Himemi-chan, it’s my turn next.

“Ah, me too! I want to sleep on my knees too~”

“With Mamitchi’s thin legs, it’s impossible for Master to sleep comfortably—!”

“-Eh, what?”

When I opened my eyes, there was Himemi’s face right above me.

Immediately remember the present reality.




The three raise their voices one after another and peer into my face.

Himemi’s lap pillow was responsible for the strange comfort under her head.

– Bah!

“Ah, Master, it’s still fine…”

Himemi said regretfully.

“Eh, even though I’m the next one――!”

“That’s wrong! Next is Mami!”

“Already! Everyone, Master has woken up, so be happy about that.”

“Ah, um, I’m sorry. I… fell asleep.”

“Did you feel refreshed, Master?”

“Oh, thank you Himemi, I slept comfortably.”

“Ufu, that’s good morning.”

Just now, I used a strange word on purpose.

“Master, next time you sleep, please make sure to sleep on Misaki’s lap.”

“No, I don’t need knees…”

“No, no, it’s Mami next!”

“Wait a minute, both of you, what happened to the current situation…or rather, how long have I been sleeping?”

“Yes, Master, I will report. Misaki and Mami, please shut up.”

Both Misaki and Mami kept their mouths shut, but their cheeks were swollen like blowfish.

“Twelve hours have passed since Master went to bed.”

“Eh, seriously…! Did I sleep for half a day…”

“Yes, I judged that there was no abnormal condition with Mami’s diagnosis skill, so I left it alone until it woke up.”


“Master seems to be quite tired. The masters of the second floor seem to have woken up in about six hours.”

“Eh, were Yukki and the others sleeping too?”

“Yes, about six hours ago, Kaede came back to report once after Master went to bed.”

“Was it before you entered the boss room!?”

“Yes, it was really good before entering”

“It’s true. If I fell asleep after entering…”

Just imagining a terrifying scene comes to mind.

“Then, I did my best to bring the master to this room. Of course, the monsters here have been wiped out.”

“I see. Thank you. I think it’s the right decision.”

“After that, I left Mami here, closed this room with a wall of dirt, and explored these three floors.”

“Eh, just the three of us?”

Yes, it appears that there is a single party limit here. So there were only four enemies at most. The passage is narrow, so the vanguard can deal with them alone.

“I see… Wow, Himemi level thirty-five!”

“Misaki is thirty-five, and Kaede is thirty-six. Mami and Master have gained experience points, so their levels have risen a bit.”

When I checked, I was level 25 and Mami was 27.

“That’s amazing… just how much did you guys beat?”

“Everything except for the 3rd floor boss.”

Geez, you don’t need me anymore…

“Oh, that’s right… As expected of Himemi. Huh, what about Kaede?”

“Yes, I heard that the boss room capture is about to begin, so as per the master’s initial instructions, I returned immediately after the report and went to participate.”

“Yes, and what is the result?”

“That’s… when we noticed, the hole we fell through had disappeared, and we weren’t able to contact Kaede.”


“I think the second floor has probably been reset.”

“Oh, so that’s what it is… you know. You captured the boss. You mean you can join us?”

“No, the entrance to the boss room on the 2nd floor is in the 3 o’clock direction after leaving this room, but when I checked earlier, it was locked.”

“Eh, what do you mean? If you defeated the boss, the lock should be released.”

“Yes, it should be…”

“Aren’t you able to defeat the boss? Are you saying you’re annihilated――!”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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