Reborn As A XANA Master

“Master, please check the AI ​​panel and friend list panel.”

That’s it! “If you survive, you’ll know that.”

Focus your attention on the AI ​​secretary management panel.


A pop-up will appear immediately, and you will be relieved.

Both Kaede and Loyal Prince are alive and well.

The proof is that the name is white and clear.

If it doesn’t disappear or is in Oblo, it should be light gray.

But, of course, communication is not possible, and the status is not displayed.

Be aware of the friend list panel by narrowing down the guilt union.


This panel also has Yukki-san and Botamochi-san… Ah!

Double Tim and Tamotsu are there too!

It seems that they are in Oblo.

Of course I don’t know where and how.

It is also possible that he is being held captive like Mr. Botamochi.

“Himemi, it’s okay. It’s certain that everyone is alive in Oblo.”

“Yes, I have confirmed it as well.”

The list of masters is also shared with the AI ​​secretaries.

I see, Himemi had already noticed and confirmed it, as expected of a calm and composed Himemi.

“But Master, it doesn’t mean that you have succeeded in defeating the boss.”

“Eh, what is it?”

“There is a non-zero possibility that it failed and was captured somewhere, or that it was sent outside of Oblo.”

“Is that so?”

“However, up to the 2nd floor, we were able to act as a party of 4, but this 3rd floor is restricted to a single party…”

“Ah, so that’s what it is. It’s possible that you went to another three floors in a parallel world.”

“Yes, Master, that’s right.”

“Then we can’t just wait here for Kaede and the others.”

“Yes, Master. Right now, there is only one option.

“Understood. These four have no choice but to capture the boss of the third floor.”

“Yes, master”

“Misaki, Mami, it may be difficult, but let’s go.”

“Yes, Master. Misaki will accompany you wherever you go.”

“Mami, it’s always good to be with Master!”

They are really cute girls who make me smile a little.

Make sure everyone’s status is perfect in front of the boss room.

After coming up to the 3rd floor, I feel nervous in the party’s first boss fight.

Set Metal Genesis on Himemi’s shield.

Make a formation with me on the right side of the double door, Misaki on the left, Himemi in front, and Mami straddling Sen-chan behind him.

It’s regrettable that Kaede and Chushin-kun aren’t here, but it’s useless to think about it now.

I activate All Boost, which increases the maximum value of all stats acquired by leveling up by 20%.

Yeah, it feels great.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Master, thank you.”

“Master, thank you.”

“You guys don’t have to say it.”


In addition, there were two bird skills acquired by leveling up.

One is the automatic mana recovery skill, auto mana recharge.

This is a single-target skill, but it automatically recovers 5% of mana every minute for 30 minutes.

If you put this on Mami, you should be able to avoid Mami running out of mana to some extent.

The other is a complete self-defense skill, Perfect Defense.

This can only be used on yourself, but it nullifies the enemy’s physical attack for one time.

With this, I can also be a shield, albeit temporarily.

“Misaki, let’s open it at the same time.”

“Yes, master”

“Three, two, one, go!”

When the double doors were opened, Himemi jumped in first, holding up her shield and taking a defensive stance.

I advanced to Himemi’s 4 o’clock direction, and Misaki entered in the 8 o’clock direction while pulling her bow.

A little later, Mami enters Himemi’s six o’clock direction.


The door closed as soon as Mami entered.

It’s a big hole, but I can’t see the boss in sight.

“What… isn’t there?”


By the time Misaki shouted, something black had swooped down like an arrow.

– Pishi!

Misaki shot an arrow.

It hits, but its momentum doesn’t stop.

When it descended in front of me, it spread its wings and slowed down, sticking out its legs like an eagle.

It looks like a giant crow, probably five meters in length.

Its sharp claws are big enough to grab a person.

“It’s a gargoyle.”

Misaki tells me.


Himemi activated a skill to make the target of the attack turn towards herself.

Apparently, it was targeting Misaki who had attacked, and changed the angle a little and rushed into Himemi.


Himemi’s shield and gargoyle’s claws collided.

— Zuzu.

Himemi catches it, but slides back on the floor to Mami’s place.

The gargoyle spread its wings wide and rose from the stall, albeit heavily.

“Are you okay, Himemi!”

“Yes, Master. No problem.”

Check gargoyle status.

The hit between Misaki’s arrow and Himemi’s HP was reduced to about 5%.

On the other hand, Himemi has decreased by nearly 30%.

Himemi can only endure it for about two more times.

Gargoyles, on the other hand, can receive 20 attacks from the two of them.

Probably, about 2% of the damage was done by Misaki’s arrows, so it would be necessary to hit the arrows fifty times.

“Misaki, how many arrows do you have?”

“Twenty-four more.”

The number of arrows obtained on the third floor doesn’t seem to be that many.

Gargoyles are circling in the sky, looking for another chance to attack.

In this hall, the floor and walls are visible through the torches on the walls.

However, in the range where the light reaches, the ceiling cannot be seen.

Considered to be quite tall.

Maybe that’s why the ramp was so long when I fell from the second floor.

“Misaki, can you hit an arrow while turning?”

“I’ve acquired the auto-tracking skill, so I should be able to hit it.”

“Okay…then shoot me some fire arrows, let’s check his resistance.”

「Yes, master」

“Himemi, please bear with me again.”

「Yes, master」

“Ah, wait. Anyway, let’s maximize our attack power with Fire Genesis.”

Even without using it, Misaki is at a level where she can shoot fire arrows with her skills, but not even a single arrow should be wasted.

“Yes, Master, please stay around here.”

Misaki pulled the bow 70 degrees above her head.

I set Fire Genesis in that direction.

“I’ll shoot…”


Fire arrows that pass through Fire Genesis gain momentum and fly toward the gargoyle.

When the gargoyle recognizes a fire arrow, it stops turning and swoops down.

Fire arrows pass through without hitting, but turn and follow the swooping gargoyle.

I don’t know if the gargoyle didn’t notice it or ignored it, but it’s coming in a straight line.


Himemi turned her attack on her again.


Almost at the same time, a flaming arrow hits the gargoyle’s back, but the fire does not spread.

Due to the increase in Genesis, the damage to the gargoyle was about 10% when combined with Himemi.

“It seems you have fire resistance, next time I’ll try freezing.”

「Yes, master」

“Mami, Himemi recovers alone. Water Genesis Set, Plant Genesis Set.”

“Yes, Master. Heal!”

Himemi’s HP, which was around 40%, exceeded 90%.

“Isn’t it amazing, Mami!  It’s almost 50% recovery in just one session.”

“I did it~, I was praised by the master.”

“Thank you, Mami.”

“Nice, Mamitchi”

Mami’s mana consumption is also intense at 30%, but I don’t have to worry about it going to zero because mana is auto-recovering.

“Master, Mami, I have the full mana potion that Hime-chan gave me.”

“Oh, is that so? Understood. That’s a relief.”

“Ah, wait a minute, what about Misaki?”

“I don’t have it”

Misaki’s mana consumption is 30%, isn’t that too much?

Maybe it’s because I’m using both flame and tracking skills…

Consuming my mana hurts, but you should put it on auto-recovery.

“Automatic Recharge”

「Thank you, Master」

“Okay, Misaki, start shooting.”



This time, the circling gargoyle probably tried to avoid the arrows, stopped circling, descended, and then ascended.

However, the arrow Misaki shot continues to automatically follow.

The arrow is clearly faster and hits the right wing directly and penetrates.


Apparently it did more damage than the fire arrows.

About ten percent of his HP had been reduced.

All right, we’ve cut 20 percent off. Misaki, one more hit.”

Misaki only has 40% of her mana left, but this is all she needs now.

Master, I have a suggestion.


There’s a skill called ‘simultaneous fire,’ acquired by leveling up, that lets you shoot three arrows at once.”

“What, three at once–! But what about Mana?”

We almost use up the remaining 40 percent, but it’s more efficient than one at a time.”

“I see, let’s go with that.”


Gargoyles soared and plummeted.

He seems quite irritated.


Misaki’s three arrows were shot at the swooping gargoyle.

I don’t think they can avoid it during the dive, but they don’t seem to have any intention of doing so, and they charge straight into it.


When Misaki’s ice arrow hit, it lets out a painful scream.

As intended, it shaves off 30 percent of its HP, leaving the gargoyle with 50 percent of its HP remaining.

However, the gargoyle lunged at her without any fear at all.


The gargoyle facing Misaki shifted slightly.


Himemi used her provocation skill again, but the effect on the enraged gargoyle was minimal.

The nail on the left foot was carded by Himemi’s shield, but the right foot thrust into Misaki.



Misaki was blown to the entrance and crashed into the door.

Misaki–!” Damn, Mami, heal–!”

You can see that Misaki’s HP has been slashed.


The gargoyle wasn’t satisfied with just blowing Misaki away, and grabbed Misaki with the claw on its right foot.


I instantly activated the charm skill, and the gargoyle stopped moving for a moment.


Himmemi slashes the gargoyle’s back with a barrage of skills.

Mami’s heal restores Misaki’s HP to 50%, but her stamina is below 20%.


The gargoyle’s right leg grabbed Misaki’s torso, causing Misaki to scream in pain.


Mami pulled her HP back down to about 40% when it was about to drop to 10%.

“Provocation – provocation -!”

Knock back!”

Himmemi slams her shield against the gargoyle’s back.

As expected of a gargoyle, the repeated attacks from behind caused the gargoyle to let go of Misaki.


“Provocation – provocation -!”

Himemi’s last skill didn’t activate due to running out of mana, but the gargoyle finally turned to Himemi.

“Come over here! Your opponent is me――”

The gargoyle, which doesn’t even try to fly anymore, runs after Himemi, who retreats while holding up her shield.

“Misaki, are you all right–”

He runs up to Misaki and hugs her.

“Yes, Master somehow…”

Status check, mana 1%, stamina 10%, HP 30%.

Next time you get attacked, we’re screwed!

Stay where you are, Misaki, and try to recover

Check Mami’s mana, it’s almost zero.

In MMOs, heals are often viewed with hostility, but that doesn’t affect Mami at all.

Apparently, gargoyles are set up to be hostile to active aggressors.

What should I do… let Mami drink the potion… or Misaki.

Mana for recovery or mana for attack…

No immediate decisions can be made.

Damn it, it’s my fault—misjudgment!

Even a single arrow was highly hostile, so it seems like you’d be able to consider what would happen if you fired three arrows!

Check Himemi’s status.

Zero mana, fifty percent stamina, fifty percent HP.

Check your status.

20% mana, 90% stamina, 100% HP.

If you use charm again, you’ll run out of mana.

Moreover, my charm skill isn’t very useful.

That’s right, this one is level 20, he’s level 40.

――Damn, what are you going to do?

It takes too much time to sharpen the gargoyle with Himemi’s attack power.

Himemi will run out of strength first… then I’ll restore Misaki’s mana…

I can kill him with two salvos… but I can’t afford a second shot.

The hostility is too high, and the provocation doesn’t work…or rather, Himemi doesn’t have any mana anymore.

What do I do, what do I do, think, think, do something, do something.

“Master, Himemi-chan――!”

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb & Maru)

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