Reborn As A XANA Master

“Master, Himemi-chan――!”

Mami shouts at me who was at a loss for a decision.

Himemi’s shield was grabbed by the gargoyle’s right leg, and was lifted about thirty centimeters.

If I had mana, I should have been able to easily block it with the knockback of my shield skill…

“Mami, give Misaki a mana potion! I’m sorry, Misaki, but I’m going to ask you to fire again.”

“Eh, Master, that’s no good!”

Himemi cries!

“Hurry up Mami, I will protect Misaki!”

Mami hastily makes Misaki drink a mana potion.

“Reset, Water Genesis”

Reset Water Genesis to where Misaki is.

“Shoot, Master!”

“-No Misaki, Master!”

“Trust me!”


A freezing arrow pierces the gargoyle’s back, which had already lifted Himemi up two meters.



The gargoyle dropped Himemi and staggered forward.

The gargoyle’s HP is reduced by 30%, leaving 20% ​​remaining.

It immediately turned its head towards me and started running with its wings flapping.

“Mami, get away!”

Pushes Mami towards 3 o’clock and stands in front of Misaki.


Himemi’s fall damage seems to have been small, so she immediately stands up and chases after the gargoyle.

“Himemi, jump to the right—!”


I can’t understand my intentions right away.

“Go – Devimon!”

I grabbed the Devil’s Demon’s neck that was chained to my avatar’s right hand and thrust it out.

“Gue, what are you doing!”

Himemi, who sensed his intention, jumped sideways and fell down.

It was just before the gargoyle’s claws reached.

-Zukuon! “Zukuon!”

There were two flashes.

Gargoyle bends backwards.


However, the gargoyle had some HP left.

A few millimeters of red bars remain.

“Oh my God, it’s barely enough! Fire another shot, Devimon――!”

“So if you shoot more than three shots a day, it’ll melt, but it’s not Devimon, it’s Devil’s Demon-sama!”

“Master, I’m coming!”

Mami says with a trembling voice.

“It’s okay Mami, I’ll catch it. Misaki, can you shoot again?”

I knew, but there was no reply.

“Master, Misaki-chan has run out of stamina and is unconscious.”

Mami reported to me who couldn’t look back.

“Yeah, right.”


The gargoyle’s right foot claws attacked, but it was completely disabled and there was no damage.

“Perfect defense――!”

Use the last mana to activate the perfect self-defense skill once more.

This is really the last resort.

Himemi stood up and charged behind the gargoyle.

But the gargoyle’s hostility never deviates from me.


The gargoyle’s right foot claws attacked, but it was completely disabled and there was no damage.


Himemi cuts with the momentum of the charge.



It was almost at the same time as Himemi’s blow to the gargoyle.

The claw on the gargoyle’s right foot pierces me.


I was blown away in the 4 o’clock direction, fell from my right shoulder to the floor, and slipped more than 5 meters.

“Master! This guy!”



It was the gargoyle’s Deathrattle.

With Himemi’s second hit, the gargoyle’s HP bar disappeared and it sank to the floor.


Himemi runs up to me, but I raise my right hand to signal.

“It’s okay, Himemi.”

“Don’t do anything unreasonable again! I told you to stop being unreasonable…”

“Uh, kuh, it hurts, Himemi.”

I got on one knee to get up.

Himemi hugged me tightly while I was still on my knees, as if to punish me.

“Please be patient, this much! It’s your punishment.”

No, I have more than half my HP and stamina right now…

With Himemi’s full-power hug, I’ve been shaved even more…

Mami also stuck to my back.

“I thought Master was going to die…”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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