The three basement floors of the Senate House are brightly lit, in stark contrast to the darkness on the first floor of the Senate House.
A few days ago, Jelly approached Tianguang: “I need all the Th in Liu Zhiyuan’s hands, not only for the rice grains, but also for the XN organization.”
Tian Guang heard it and thought for a long time: “Why?”
Jelly: “You don’t need to know for now.”
Tianguang looked at Jelly: “How much energy does it need?”
“Sixty million.” Jelly said calmly.
Tian Guang asked in disbelief: “Do you know how much energy we consume in a year when we live on the first floor?”
Jelly didn’t hesitate: “30 million.”
“I know, you still do this.” Tian Guang was a little annoyed.
Jelly said calmly: “Don’t worry, this place will collapse soon, but if there is no energy as a medium, the XN organization and rice grains can’t get close to the third basement of the Senate, and this place will collapse even more.”
Tianguang looked at Jelly in disbelief: “What are you talking about? Are you saying that we will disappear soon?”
“Trust me, I won’t let you disappear.” Jelly looked at the dark sky in front of her, turned and left after speaking.
Here, the third basement floor of the Senate House.
Ding Ke retorted: “I’m not serious anymore. Although I’m talking to you, I have been paying attention. They don’t look aggressive. They are wearing the latest black market armed uniforms. If there is any problem, just press the button on the shoulder. switch, it will immediately release the gas that destroys people like us, and it will not harm their virtual avatars at all. This Liu Zhiyuan has also spent a lot of money.
Li Chao looked at Ding Ke seriously: “Not bad, you are with me every day, when did you know this?”
“Who the hell is with you every day, don’t say such things, people will easily misunderstand.” Ding Ke pushed away Li Chao who was beside him.
Li Chao smiled and said nothing. The two came to the D laboratory, using the fake identities of the XN organization. As soon as they entered, they heard Liu Zhiyuan yelling: “You bastards, can you be useful?”
Li Chao and Ding Ke took a closer look, they were both stunned and froze in place.
Soon, the person in protective clothing in the laboratory brought out two more virtual avatars.
Liu Zhiyuan kept smashing things in the laboratory, finally hitting all over the ground, and gradually calmed down.
He said gently to Li Chao and Ding Ke who were wearing protective clothing, “Clean up.”
Li Chao and Ding Ke nodded quickly and began to clean up seriously. Seeing this, Liu Zhiyuan left the laboratory.
Seeing Liu Zhiyuan’s departure, Li Chao and Ding Ke started to get busy with business, took out the things they had prepared long ago, and summoned rice grains.
The three of them rummaged through the laboratory, and soon, Mi Li sensed Th in a beautiful metal green box.
Li Chao and Ding Ke picked up the box and studied it for a while, but they didn’t expect the box to speak suddenly: “Aren’t you people from the third floor?”
Mi Li picked up the box: “Let’s take it away and go back to the first floor of the Senate for research.”
The box said flatly: “It’s useless, once I leave this white room, I will explode myself.”
“Damn, what is it! This Liu Zhiyuan is out of his mind, a box is so tight.” Ding Ke began to curse.
“Damn, what is it! This Liu Zhiyuan is out of his mind, a box is so tight.” Ding Ke began to curse.
“I’m just a broken box, completely without self-awareness.” The box continued to explain.
Mi Li looked at the box and calmly analyzed: “No, I detected that you have autonomous consciousness and are more advanced than all the objects in this room.”
Seeing that he had been punctured, the box stammered and asked, “Who are you?”
“My name is Mi Li.”
“Rice grains? I’ve heard this name in Liu Zhiyuan’s memory.” Box thought for a long time before speaking.
Ding Ke lost his temper immediately: “You stinky box, you still say you don’t know, you don’t know, you can still understand Liu Zhiyuan’s memory?”
Just when Ding Ke wanted to beat the box violently, Li Chao stopped him: “Someone is back.”
Liu Zhiyuan changed his body-saving clothes, recovered his mood, opened the door of the laboratory, and saw Li Chao and Ding Ke in protective clothing about to go out, and said, “Thank you.”
Li Chao and Ding Ke were a little surprised when they heard this, and hurriedly nodded and left the laboratory.
After leaving the laboratory, Li Chao and Ding Ke found a resting place for their family, planning to stay overnight and check the situation tomorrow.
But that night, Li Chao and Ding Ke realized that the situation was not right, and suddenly everyone around them became vigilant. Li Chao casually grabbed a person on the street and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“People from the first floor have come in, and the N laboratory is missing something.”
When Li Chao and Ding Ke heard this, they were puzzled. They obviously didn’t take the box with them, so why did it disappear?
Li Chao pulled Ding Ke up: “It’s not too late, let’s get out of here first.”
“Then what about Th?” Ding Ke looked at Li Chao.
While analyzing the route, Li Chao said, “Let’s save my life first.”
“Take me along, I also want to go to the first floor.” Li Chao and Ding Ke, who heard the familiar voice of the box, looked at the people around them, and found that everyone was calm and didn’t hear it at all.
Ding Ke was the first to discover the mystery inside: “It’s over, this box can sense us, it is probably by our side now.”
Li Chao calmly summoned Mi Li, only to find that Mi Li passed out a command: “The battery of Mi Li is low.”
Li Chao continued to observe the surrounding exits: “If we don’t leave, we will die here together.”
When Ding Ke heard that he was dead, he said nervously, “Don’t, Brother Li, take me away.”
“I’ll take you out.” After speaking, the box appeared in front of Li Chao and Ding Ke.
Under the guidance of the box, Li Chao and Ding Ke left the third basement level smoothly.
Laboratory on the first floor of the Senate
“Jello, I seem to have seen your father.” Li Chao looked at Jelly and said seriously.
Jelly looked at the box in front of her and said calmly, “Oh.”
Hearing Jelly’s answer, Ding Ke couldn’t believe it: “Oh? Jelly, are you stupid?”
Jelly looked at Ding Ke calmly: “No, I know.”
Turning to look at the box Ding Ke brought back, he asked, “Is this the box?”
Li Chao nodded: “Yes.”
Box was very unconvinced and said: “What? Look down on me?”
Jelly frowned slightly and looked at the box: “No, what else do you want to say? I will clear your memory later.”
“Who do you think you are? I want to remember me clearly.” Box said disdainfully.
Li Chao said slowly: “He is Liu Zhiyuan’s son.”
“Son? Liu Zhiyuan’s memory is not as good as his son’s!”
Hearing this, Jelly looked up at Li Chao: “Take Ding Ke out, I can do it by myself.”
Li Chao pulled Ding Ke up and walked out of the laboratory.
In the laboratory, only the rice grains in the charging compartment, jelly and boxes are left.
Jelly ignored the box, put on the special glasses, and began to prepare a special liquid. Soon, Jelly took the prepared solution and looked at the box. At this moment, the box was in the eyes of Jelly, which looked transparent. Looking at the complicated circuit of the box, once the liquid was wrong, it would be a failure.
Jelly asked the box, “What else do you want to say?”
Box asked nervously: “You don’t want to destroy me, do you?”
“No, but you will fall into a deep sleep.” After Jelly finished speaking, she picked it up and poured it into the small red box next to the chip on the box. The green on the surface of the box gradually melted until it was all gray. Jelly opened the box, be careful Take out the Th inside.

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