Reborn As A XANA Master

“Wow, that was dangerous…”

“Master… be careful!”

“Hmm? What is Himemi?”

“Maybe you haven’t cleared the boss room yet.”


Certainly neither the entrance nor the exit made the sound of the door being unlocked.

Come to think of it, the information about clearing the floor is not displayed at all either…

“I haven’t even leveled up.”

“No way, he wasn’t the boss…”

“I don’t know. Mami, do you know anything?”


Gaga gaga.

Everyone was startled, and when they looked in the direction of the sound, a room with an open wall and iron bars appeared.


“-Oh! Good Taro-san!”


Tamotsu-san and Doubletim-san were among them.

“Why are you two behind bars?!”

“We lost”

Mr. Tamotsu said with an unexpectedly casual expression.

“I’m glad, even if I lose, I’m fine!”

I was so relieved.

“That’s the mystery, isn’t it? We were here before we knew it.”

“Normally you should respawn, right?”

“My registration location is at the pier, so if I respawn, depending on the timing, I’ll be killed by Buster Penguin.”

Certainly, it would be dangerous if the Buster Penguin came.

“For me, this prison was tough because I didn’t know when I would be able to get out.”

Doubletim seems to have found this restraint more difficult.

……That’s right, it’s hard to be restrained in a place like this without anyone knowing.

“It’s tough, isn’t it? However, there was speculation that the data would be deleted, so I was worried.”

“Oh, that’s the one that dies in real life. I was a little worried about that myself.”

Mr. Tamotsu also seems to have been thinking about the risk of life due to data erasure.

“What was the purpose of capturing Eve?”

“I wonder, there is a possibility that it was the original specification, or maybe there is some intention…”

“Wait a second–!”

Mr. Tamotsu interrupts Mr. Double Tim’s remarks.

“There are more things to do now than that, the second boss hasn’t appeared yet, right?”

“Eh! The second one――!”

“You just defeated the gargoyle, right? —We did the same.”


“Then unlock this place quickly. Do you have any skills?”

Seriously, that’s dangerous――!

In a hurry, I bring out Chuta, a mouse with unlocking skills.

I had Chuta unlock it, but an error message appeared.

“Master, I haven’t cleared the boss room, so it might be impossible.”

I see, as Himemi said, the possibility is high.

“That’s true. We’ll support you from here.”

When Tamotsu-san said this, Doubletim-san nodded and agreed.

“Eh, from inside the prison?”

“Since both I and Doubletim-san have acquired summoners, we should be able to summon them outside the prison.”

「I see……」

“Let’s try it, Mr. Doubletim.”

“Right, let’s do it.”

“Fire Genesis Set, Summon, XANA Ultra Seven—”

Tamotsu-san set Fire Genesis outside the iron bars of the prison and used the summoning skill.

“Oh, amazing”

XANA Ultra Seven appeared from the Genesis Card.

“Come on! —It seems that the iron bars won’t hinder you.”

Tamotsu looks satisfied.

“I can do it. Metal Genesis Set, Summon, XANA Atom――”

Double Tim summoned XANA Atom using the Metal Genesis Card as well.

“Summoner is good…”

“Yeah, it’s super convenient.

“Oh, come to think of it, wasn’t Mr. Tamotsu a warrior?”

“That’s right. Summoner can be stacked with other jobs.”

What?” That’s right, I didn’t know that. Is that just for summoners?”

“That’s it, no, maybe there are others. I haven’t read the manual.”

I fully agree with you on that.

That manual is too thick.

“I think it’s a specification for solo players who don’t have AI.”

Doubletim added.

“I see, it might be necessary for solo players who don’t have AI.”

However, I didn’t even think of a job that I could get in a compound…

“More importantly, Yoitarou-san’s party isn’t in a condition to fight.”

Tamotsu seems to have confirmed the status of Misaki, Mami, and Himemi.

“What happened to the two AI secretaries…”

They both looked a little sad.

――I’m sorry, it’s superfluous…

“Three of my six lost before entering Oburo. The two who lost their HP to zero should have respawned outside…”

“Respawn means you’re resurrected?”

I accidentally interrupted Mr. Tamotsu’s words because of the happy news.

“No, I don’t know. Unlike the AI ​​girls whose bodies were scraped into dust by the Buster Penguins, they just disappeared.”

“I see… Mami, are Oblo’s specifications still working as set?”

“I’m sorry Master, even Mami doesn’t know exactly…”

“Right. That’s right. You don’t know how normal it is.”

“My two AIs also ran out of HP here, so I hope so… But the third generation AI escaped, didn’t it?”

Mr. Doubletim said after looking at Mami with a dubious face.

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“Third-generation AI, no, not all of them, but all the daughters who were set as children ran away.”

“Eh, isn’t it a respawn?”

“It’s about time the wall on the other side opened and the boss was supposed to come out, but everyone has left from there.”

Then maybe Mami too…

“Gilmas, Yakisugi-san, Liv-san, and the four bodies I borrowed from Tic-Tac-san.”

Tamotsu added.

“No way… Eve’s order?”

“It’s possible, Eve’s order. So that AI…”


A crack appeared in the wall opposite the prison where the two were trapped, and the wall was pulled up like a shutter door.

“It’s coming, it’s probably a Minotaur!”

“Master, please let Tamotsu-san join the party.”

“roger that!”

As expected of Himemi, she never forgets to point out important things.

If I wasn’t in the party, I wouldn’t be able to buff or recover.

I hurry up and invite the two to the party.


「Thank you, Master」

The two quickly approved and joined the party panel.


A minotaur, a monster with a cow’s head, rushes forward.

“Skill, provocation—”

Mr. Tamotsu raised his hostility with his warrior skill and provocation and guided him to the prison where he was.

XANA Ultra Seven stands in front of the prison.

The Minotaur swings down its large ax with both hands.

XANA Ultra Seven closes the gap and catches the ax like a white feather.

Although it takes damage, XANA Ultra Seven endured.

From the sky, XANA Atom makes a run-up and punches the Minotaur.

“Fire genesis set, flame bomb!”

In addition, Mr. Doubletim shoots flame bullets himself.

Ah, Mr. Doubletim is a wizard.

We surround the unconscious Misaki and take a defensive posture.

The mana automatic recovery skill cast on Mami is still effective, and soon mana will recover to 20%.

However, my AI secretaries are still not in a state where they can fight.

While the Minotaur’s HP is reduced by about 10%, XANA Ultra Seven’s HP is reduced by about half.

I don’t think I can endure it like this.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Yotaro-san, Minotaurs are resistant to freezing, so if you’re going to attack them, you can’t use that. However, you can’t attack without a shield.”

Saying that, Tamotsu set up a new Earth Genesis.

It must have been a preparation on the premise that XANA Ultra Seven would be defeated.

“Yotaro-san, when this guy swings his ax, a shock wave will come. Its damage range is about 90 degrees, and its range is over 10 meters. Be careful.”

Mr. Doubletim will share the information.


Ten meters! “This guy is troublesome. Does that mean he’ll take damage even if he’s at a distance?”

There are no recovery potions, Sen-chan’s skills cannot be used during battle, and the eggs Liv-san gave me.

However, I guess I have no choice but to wait for the AIs to recover…


The Minotaur, who was grappling with the XANA Ultraseven, jumped back and raised its axe.

Oh my God, I’m going to attack with a gap!

――Gyun, Zuzer!

A shock wave ran.

XANA Ultraseven tried to close the gap, but the ax was swung down momentarily and XANA Ultraseven disappeared.

The shock wave reached the two people who were in the prison, and their HP was reduced by about 35%.

“Burst attack!”

– Damn!

Double Tim rammed the XANA Atom into the Minotaur.

It’s like a self-destruct skill…

XANA Atom was shattered, but it reduced Minotaur’s HP by 10%.

With that momentum, the Minotaur staggered and lost its balance.

“Summon, Ace!”

Tamotsu immediately uses the Earth Genesis Card to summon XANA Ultraman Ace.

It’s a skillful collaboration. Perhaps it’s something they’ve gained from fighting together so far.

“Change, Fire Genesis — Summon, Atom.”

Mr. Doubletim summoned XANA Atom with Fire attribute instead of Metal XANA Atom that disappeared.

“That child is… erm, is it Mami-chan? Do you think Mami-chan will be okay?”

Mr. Tamotsu said so when he saw Mami not running away.

“Huh? Oh, come to think of it…”

“No, I wonder if Eve just didn’t give the order…”

“Mami, how are you?”

“Master, I’ve been told to go back to my mother for a long time.”

“Oh, that’s right!”

“But Mami, I want to be with Master.”

“Is that so…”

“That child is refusing Eve’s instructions…”


――Gyun, Zuzer!

The Minotaur leaped back again and swung its ax down.

Change, Water Genesis.

Tamotsu says that XANA Ultraman Ace can’t stand the next one, so he replaces the first Fire Genesis he sent out and prepares for the next summon.

However, the Minotaur’s action was quicker than before.

――Gyun, Zuzer!

Immediately after the first shot, I swung it up again, and immediately after the second shot, I swung it down.

Even XANA Ultraman Ace, who blocked the first shot, disappeared with the second shot.

The shock wave reaches the two prisoners as well.

Both of them had less than 30% remaining HP.

“Burst attack!”


Doubletim rammed Atom, but Minotaur guarded with an axe.

It’s a learned behavior.

Even so, the damage was done, and the remaining HP was about 40%.

However, the minotaur did not lose its balance due to the defense with the ax.

Then, immediately raise the ax again.

“Summon, Ultraman-”

――Gyun, Zuzer!

This time, Mr. Tamotsu’s XANA Ultraman didn’t arrive in time.

Since it was before their appearance, both of them received direct damage.

“- Mr. Tim!”

Warrior Tamotsu-san endured with about 5% remaining HP, but Doubletim-san was down to zero.

“Sorry, go ahead…”

Mr. Doubletim seemed to have a wry smile on his face.

While I couldn’t confirm it, I suddenly saw a white glow and my body disappeared.

It was an effect when it was transferred, so I’m a little relieved.

I’m not sure, but it’s highly likely that he respawned outside of Oblo.

Tamotsu took out an item.

A pet cat and potions.

“Kuh, right now, Mr. Yoitaro, use this!”

“Eh, Mr. Tamotsu, I have to use it for myself!”

“No, it’s better to use it at your party than I use it. I’m sorry Mami-chan. Also, this guy’s charm skill is probably his weak point.”

“Attractive skill?”

“Oh, my momoko was a bard.”

The cat slipped through the iron bars and delivered two 50% mana recovery potions.


“You can use it! Don’t let Doubletim’s sacrifice go to waste!”


――Gyun, Zuzer!

This time XANA Ultraman took damage.

Think about it, who should I use the potion on?

Himemi and Mami… No, Mami can’t defeat the Minotaur…

But if I can recover Tamotsu-san… Misaki recovers her mana, but she still lacks stamina.

“Ah, Master…”

When I turned around at Mami’s voice, Misaki opened her eyes.

“Misaki, did you notice!?”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“Stay still, try to recover.”

It’s been more than 20 minutes, but recovery during battle is extremely slow.

Misaki finally recovered her stamina to over ten percent.

Misaki won’t be able to fight yet, Himemi first.

“Himemi, mana recovery, use this potion.”

「Yes, master」

When I checked Mami’s mana, it reached about 25% with automatic recovery.

“Mami, when my mana recovers, I’ll heal Tamotsu-san alone. Sorry, I’ll drink this.”

“Yes, Master. Mami is fine.”


I drank a mana potion.

Apply Perfect Defense and Auto Mana Recharge to yourself.

“Himemi, behind the boss”

「Yes, master」

“I’ll go behind Himemi.”

“Yes, Master. My shield’s Metal Genesis effect has expired.”

“Ah, yes, please wait a minute.”

“Set, Metal Genesis…”

However, it wasn’t set… I had expected it, but the battle was still going on and the cooldown timer hadn’t been reset yet.

“I’m sorry, Himemi.”

“It’s okay Master, I can accept it without you.”

“Try using charm, please come over here”

“Yes, I will definitely protect Master!”

“Master, you can use heals soon!”

cried Mami.

“Understood, Plantge…”

“Wait! Yoitarou-san. This guy is more hostile to heels than provocations, so it’s useless. That’s why my Umeko got hit too.”

“No, but it’s Tamotsu-san’s limit.”

“Okay, I’m sure the secretaries will respawn, and they’ll come back here again.”

“But it’s not decided that we can respawn yet.”

“No, now you should choose an option with a high possibility of capturing the fifth floor.”


“Come over my corpse”


“No, that’s the place to go!”


In this situation, why do you have so much leeway, Mr. Tamotsu…

“I wanted to say it once”



I was waiting for that!

“Let me, charm—!”

The minotaur stiffens with its ax raised and staggers.

“Go, Himemi――!”

“Yes, Master!”


Himemi slashed at the Minotaur from behind.

However, Himemi’s blow can only shave about 1%.

Gashit-, Gashit-, Gashit-.

The Minotaur slowly turns around as it repeatedly attacks.

The charm is still working, and its movement is slow.

XANA Ultraman attacks from behind.

Minotaur’s HP gradually decreased.

About thirty percent remained.

――Gyun, Zuzer!



Suddenly, the effect of the charm seems to have worn off.

Suddenly the ax was swung down.

Himemi guarded me with a shield at zero distance, but I was sent flying and crashed into me.

“Excuse me, Master!”

“I’m fine, no damage”

Thanks to Perfect Defense, I didn’t take any damage.

However, Himemi’s HP, which had recovered to about 60%, fell below 40%.


The Minotaur leaped back and raised its ax to get some distance from Himemi.


At that point, Tamotsu-san provokes him to turn around.

――Gyun, Zuzer!

The Minotaur swings its ax up and down towards Tamotsu-san.


XANA Ultraman, standing in front of Tamotsu-san, guarded it.


Damn, if another shot hits, Tamotsu-san will be killed this time.

“Perfect defense, charm!”

Apply Perfect Defense to yourself again and activate Charm.

The Minotaur, who was about to raise its ax, slowly turned around.

I don’t have mana to use again.

One auto mana recharge is a good place.

Gashit-, Gashit-, Gashit-.

Himemi added a slashing attack to the minotaur that was enchanted, gradually reducing its HP.

XANA Ultraman attacks continue from behind.

The remaining HP is close to 20%, it’s almost time!


However, the Minotaur regained its sanity when it was almost 20% less.

――Gyun, Zuzer!


Himemi was thrown behind me again, but I learned that too, so I wasn’t directly behind.

However, his shock wave is in the range of 90 degrees.

I’ve used up precious Perfect Defense.

Stupid me, I should have been on his right side…

The Minotaur changes its angle towards me and raises its axe.

“This way, Usunoro! Provocation!”

The Minotaur turns to face Himemi again.

“Master, get out of the range of the shock wave!”

“Sorry, I will. I have no more mana.”

“Yes, I understand.”


Knock back!”


Himemi activated a skill to match the minotaur’s slash.

“Nice, Himemi!”

Although he took damage, the timing of Himemi’s knockback was brilliant.

The shockwave from the Minotaur’s slash didn’t spread, Himemi didn’t fly backwards, and the Minotaur slipped slightly backwards.

However, Himemi’s HP remained at 25%.

“Change, Earth Genesis”

“Change, Earth Genesis”

Mr. Tamotsu exchanged the water genesis that was put out.

I see, I’m going to exchange the remaining HP Ultraman.

“Eh, uranium!”

“Eh, uranium!”

“Burst attack!”

– Damn!

XANA Uran rammed the Minotaur.

The Minotaur’s HP is now about 10%.


The Minotaur suddenly let out a roar and spread its legs.

“Everyone is defending, I’m going to set something up! Master, behind me――!”

With Himemi’s warning, I run behind him.


— Whoa!


With its ax parallel to the floor, the Minotaur rotated its body and released shockwaves in all directions.


Before I got behind Himemi, I was blown away and crashed into the wall.

The damage was huge, and my HP fell below 10%.

“The rest is up to you–”

Tamotsu-san’s HP gauge dropped to zero in no time, he flashed white, and his body disappeared.

Mami received a direct hit and crashed into the wall with Sen-chan.

Misaki, who was sitting by the wall, had her HP reduced, but managed to endure it.

“Mami! Heal the Master!”

Himemi shouts, but Mami doesn’t respond. I was blown away and lost my stamina.

“Master, Fire Genesis!”

Misaki draws her bow and demands Genesis.

That’s all there is to it.

“Provocation! Master, it’s now.”

Himemi provoked the Minotaur’s hostility.

I manage to move within range where I can cast Genesis in front of Misaki.

“Set, Fire Genesis—”

“Skill, volley—!”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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