Reborn As A XANA Master


Ugh – Yaba, this is scarier than I thought!

It’s an amusement park roller coaster that I made on my own land with the XANA builder.

Mami wanted to play, so we designed and set up the course together.

I only made it on my computer, it was the first time I experienced it with VR goggles.

In particular, the 80-degree drop made my buttocks tingle and my heart itching.

“Hey master! One more time, one more time!”


One time was enough for me, but Mami seemed to like it so much that I ended up riding it five times.

As expected, it was impossible for the sixth time, so I called Himemi to take over.

In the meantime, I logged out of XANA and rested for about an hour.

He said, “Master, give me a break. I’ve been ridden ten times. I’m out of stamina.

I see… Does the roller coaster reduce stamina?

“Aha… I’m sorry Himemi. That’s right Mami, how about a haunted house?”

“Haunted house… Hmm, hmm… anywhere is fine with Master.”

“Okay, okay, then let’s go.”

Phew, I’m saved, I’m sorry for the roller coaster system anymore.

“Um, Master…”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Himemi?”

“Can I go with you?”

“Eh, Himemi too? Hmm, I don’t mind, but Mami?”

“yep, OK”

“Then, I will accompany you.”


Gah, oh no, oh no, I hate ghosts, oh no, I’ll get it, I’ll get it.”

“Mami, you can’t go back, so if you close your eyes and hold hands, you’ll be fine.”

The Metaverse haunted house was much more realistic than the normal haunted house.

I let Misaki design it and I just laid it out.

I didn’t know how scary it was because I was just arranging ghosts on the PC screen…

Hey, this might have been too intense for a child.

that? “But in Mami’s settings, was there an item about being afraid of ghosts…?”


Himemi clung to my arm on the opposite side of Mami’s.

“Eh, are you scared of Himemi too?”

“Yes! It’s really scary, Master. So please escort me too.”

“No, Himemi, you don’t look scared at all…”

“That’s not true, Master. I’m scared too. Kyaa.”

……Even if you don’t change one expression and say it without intonation.

I see, so that’s what it was originally intended for.

In the end, both of them just clung to me the whole time.

Did this mean haunted house?

Even after leaving the haunted house, the two of them stayed together for a while.

“Master, isn’t Magical Girl Solaseed-chan here today?”

“Eh, well, how about… Do you understand Himemi?”

“There’s no event at the main venue today, but there’s a Nogigaoka Sanjuhachi event at XANA Town.”

“Eh, that’s right!”

“Yes. Do you want to go with me? Speaking of which, Kaede said she wanted to go.”

“No, I want to go too.”

“Mami, I want Magical Girl Sorashido-chan!”

“Mami, let’s go see what Master likes once in a while, huh.”

“OK I got it”

“Himemi, can I get a ticket?”

“Yes, there are still vacancies, can I have four?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Misaki is in a duel right now.”

I’m going to get angry later, so I have to keep it a secret from Misaki…

It was far from the amusement park to XANA Town, so I moved from the warp point.

When I arrived at XANA Town, Kaede was waiting for me.

“Zukkosu master. The three of us went to the amusement park!”

“Well, Himemi was only called to play Mami’s weight, so I wasn’t there at the time.”

“Next time, Master and I will go on a date at the ninja mansion.”

Will a date be established at the ninja mansion?

“Wow, I understand, next time”

“Good job”

“Mami, Mami, we’re going too.”

“No, Mami should have gone to an amusement park.”

“No, Mami is going too.”

“Mami-chan, the ninja mansion is really scary. If a child goes there, they’ll get stabbed with a shuriken.”

Kaede changed her tone to that of an older sister.

“Is that so, Master?”

“Hmm? Hmm… Hmm, is that so… I guess.”

“Hey, Mami-chan, do you understand? Let’s go to the amusement park next time.”

No, I don’t agree now, but…

“…Yeah, I don’t want to be scared.”

“Oooh, that’s amazing! Avatar, avatar…”

I was licking Avatar Live, but Sanjuhachi Nogigaoka’s avatar was just like the real thing.

“It’s really cute, but you can’t beat me. Hey, Master?”

“Eh, ah, uh, that’s right. Yeah, Kaede is cuter.”

“Thunder, ufu”

“What about Mami? Mami, Master?”

“Yeah, of course Mami is cute too.”

“Good job”

“It seems that the Nogigaoka members’ whole bodies were shot with 120 cameras and scanned in 3D.”

Himemi said with a straight face and expressionless face.

“That’s right, you’ve evolved a lot… Hi, Himemi is more beautiful though.”

I intended to follow him, but Himemi didn’t respond.

“I wish I could do Master too.”


I drew it myself just by imagining it.

Even if I make a real avatar of just an old man…

— Ha!

“Ah! Good morning, Master.”

Himemi was the first to notice that I had woken up.

“What time is it now?”

“It’s just past four o’clock in the morning…”


“How long have you been sleeping?”

“About ten hours, I think.”

“So much…”

In the real world, I slept for about seven hours, so why do I sleep so much here?

Even though I don’t use my body at all, is my brain so exhausted…?

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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