After Li Chao left, Jelly looked at the solidified liquid in the liquid nitrogen, took out the potion that had been dripped into the box before, and walked outside.
At this time, Ding Ke was dying, unable to utter a word, the good skin was so festered, Jelly saw it, took off the glasses, and soon the glasses turned into a chip, Jelly inserted towards the groove of Ding Ke’s left back waist, In an instant, Ding Ke turned into a luminous virtual avatar, and the tattered skin on his body disappeared. Jelly looked seriously at Ding Ke’s left leg that was constantly smoking, and dripped the medicine on the small red box near the heart. Ding Ke Immediately fell into a deep sleep.
Jelly pulled out the chip, came to Tianguang, and repeated the same trick, and soon Tianguang also fell into a deep sleep.
When Li Chao returned to the laboratory with rice grains, he saw two familiar and unfamiliar virtual avatars lying in the laboratory, and said slowly: “What’s wrong with them?”
Mi Li was the first to speak: “Sleep, once the avatar has no memory, it will fall into a deep sleep.”
Li Chao felt unbelievable, looked at Jelly and confirmed again: “Really?”
Jelly nodded and said nothing.
“Mi Li, can you think of a way? Think of a way?” Li Chao looked at Mi Li pleadingly.
Mi Li shook her head: “I can’t help it, sorry.”
Seeing Mi Li shaking his head, Li Chao questioned Jelly: “Didn’t you just say I’d leave it to you? Jelly, you must have a solution, right?”
Jelly was silent, and Li Chao lost his composure for the first time: “Why? Why is this happening? By the way, just now Liu Zhiyuan said that there is someone behind Tianguang. We can find him, and maybe we can solve it.”
“Calm down, we have to rebuild the defense line on the first floor of the Senate, otherwise soon, Liu Zhiyuan will make a comeback, and we will all die.” Jelly looked at Li Chao and analyzed it seriously.
Li Chao didn’t speak, Mi Li looked at Jelly: “I’ll do it.”
Jelly refused: “No, you have to go back to Area D with me and get back the things that were stored there before.”
After finishing speaking, Jelly looked at Li Chao: “You must hold Liu Zhiyuan, and I will hand over the XN organization to you.”
Li Chao couldn’t believe it when he heard Jelly say this: “Are you the leader behind XN? Are you the person behind Tianguang that Liu Zhiyuan said?”
“Yes, XN was established for today’s day. Last time, 1/3 of the virtual avatars of the XN organization sneaked into the third basement with you, and successfully infiltrated Liu Zhiyuan’s elite troops. Now you just need to meet them, and they will help you.”
After listening, Li Chao asked, “But Ding Ke and Tian Guang are already asleep, so what’s the point of doing this?”
Mi Li calmly analyzed: “For the future of the first floor of the Senate, you should understand your mission as the first virtual avatar of the third batch, and you should be sober.”
“If we are all perish, then there is no way to save the sleeping Ding Ke and Tianguang.” Jelly left the laboratory with the rice grains after leaving behind these words.
District D
Mi Li: “Can Li Chao figure it out?”
Jelly wears special glasses and holds a computer in his hand, probing in the tallest building in District D: “I don’t know, but he won’t give up the chance to save Tianguang and Ding Ke.”
Soon, Jelly brought Mi Li to a hut, walked in, it was pitch black, only a small hole revealed light, Jelly put away the computer, climbed up to the hole, observed for a long time, raised her head, looked at Mi Li: “That’s right. This is it, the sealing point of energy.”
Mi Li hesitated: “Are you sure you want to open it?”
“District D is the closest place to the third basement of the Senate. We made the optical network here, isn’t it just for this moment? You shouldn’t hesitate, Mi Li.” Jelly looked at Mi Li suspiciously.
Mi Li quickly explained: “But once this place is opened, the third underground floor of the Senate will be combined with the first floor, and then the first floor will no longer be dim, and the third batch of avatars will all disappear, including Li Chao.”
Jelly heard this and shouted: “Mi Li, do you want to do it?”
The rice grains slowly approached the hole, cutting the light net with their hands, rubbing sparks.
After the optical network was completely cut, Jelly threw a catalyst behind her, and then quickly pulled up the rice grains, “Go, go quickly.”
Mi Li immediately turned into a small ark and left Area D with the jelly, returning to the first floor of the Senate.
At this moment, on the first floor of the Senate, Liu Zhiyuan gathered at the door with a large number of virtual avatars, and there was light. Li Chao was lying on the ground at the moment, Mi Li hurried forward to help Li Chao up, but Jelly yelled: “Mi Li, don’t touch him.”
But it was too late, and the rice grains had just touched Li Chao’s hand, which had already started to fester.
Seeing this, Jelly took out a hydrogen light dagger and chopped off at Mi Li’s hand, preventing the festering. Li Chao looked at the 10-year-old Jelly in disbelief, killing him so decisively.
Liu Zhiyuan looked at the scene in front of him and smiled happily: “Sure enough, you are the leader of the XN organization who is both righteous and evil. I admire you.”
Jelly raised her head and looked at Liu Zhiyuan calmly: “I still can’t get a replicant to comment.”
As he said that, Jelly took out his glasses and put them on, and threw a new type of bomb behind him. Among the troops brought by Liu Zhiyuan, the avatars of the XN organization took out the new type of bombs one by one. At this moment, Jelly’s glasses became a perfect The barrier prevented the explosion outside, but the barrier only protected the jelly. Li Chao and Mi Li looked at the jelly in disbelief.
Liu Zhiyuan wanted to escape but failed, and said sarcastically, “You are the most cruel person I have ever met.” Soon, the explosion ended, and there was ruins around, except for Jelly, which stretched as far as the eye could see. Jelly took off her glasses, and the barrier disappeared. Gradually, light emerged from the ground, and Jelly closed her eyes to feel the warmth brought by the light, Na Na said to herself: “How long has it been since I saw the light?” No response.
Half a month later, the Senate was restored as a whole, no longer divided into layers, and the metaverse was restored as before. There was no currency transaction, and each creator continued to use their virtual power to maintain the metaverse. Peace. After the explosion, Jelly, wearing glasses, jumped into the bottomless pit in the mountain behind the Senate.
Soon, the derivation of light covered the bottomless pit and turned into flat land, and green grass gradually grew on the back hill of the Senate. The third-generation virtual avatar woke up from the ruins and recovered as before.
When Tian Guang woke up from the laboratory, he found that Ding Ke next to him was also gradually waking up. The two went outside to find their companions. Li Chao was a little uncomfortable being illuminated by the light. Jelly figure. With the passage of time, the Senate recovered as before, Tianguang became the master of the Senate, and the XN organization disappeared from then on.
Mi Li has been searching for the jelly with Li Chao and Ding Ke. They went to the back mountain and found that the hole had already been filled, so they continued to search around the metaverse, hoping to find jelly in a certain corner and solve the mystery.
District D
Mi Li came to the place where she sat with Jelly before. Looking back at that time, it was still dark and now the sun is shining, and everyone is living happily in this highly civilized metaverse.
Mi Li yelled to the sky: “Jello, where have you been?”
“Ah—” The blue sky suddenly flashed a shooting star, and Mi Li flew to check the situation.
Flying closer, I found that it was jelly, but it was not jelly. The jelly at this moment was an adult man. The rice grains caught the falling jelly and landed smoothly on the ground.
Jelly looked at Mi Li in shock, and after shaking her head, said calmly: “Thank you.” After speaking, she turned and left.
Mi Li grabbed Jelly who was about to leave: “Wait, tell me what happened first?”
Jelly bowed her head: “It’s what you saw when it exploded. I sacrificed you for my own selfish desires, and then I was punished.”
“You are lying, I detected that you are lying.” Mi Li looked at Jelly calmly.
Seeing that she couldn’t hide it, Jelly hesitated again and again: “It’s all over, there is nothing to worry about.”
Mi Li persisted: “We have been looking for you, and we have always believed that you would never hurt us. Even if the explosion is over, Li Chao, Ding Ke, Tianguang and I have been looking for you, and we have never given up.”
“Thank you, there is really no need to do this.” Jelly lowered her head.
Regardless of Jelly’s wishes, Mi Li directly tied Jelly back to the Senate.

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