Senate Laboratory
Ding Ke, Li Chao and Tian Guang tortured the jelly tied to the chair: “Tell me, what happened back then?”
Jelly sighed helplessly, and said slowly: “A long time ago, when the metaverse appeared, some people had genetic mutations. My parents received instructions and began to study them. Later, they found that this anti-human research had great hidden dangers, but they were forced to Pressure, they still researched it, the third generation virtual avatar, but the third generation avatar is afraid of light, the rice grain is the most successful one, but it can’t last long in the face of strong light, on June 10, 2049, parents Give me the rice grains, and then they disappeared. The Senate began to crack, divided into a third layer of light and a first layer of darkness. During my persistent search with the rice grains, I found that they were no longer there. The clone of my father, the clone is the incarnation of my father’s evil thoughts. He keeps creating virtual avatars, but they are all unqualified. Later, I got to know you and established the XN organization, which was managed by Tianguang. I have enough energy to take on any job, except if I say no.”
Speaking of this, Jelly was silent.
Mi Li continued: “So later you found out that the reason for the stratification of the Senate was to sacrifice yourself?”
Jelly raised her head and said calmly: “No, at that time, I thought that as long as I borrowed the special situation in District D, I would quietly place the optical network there, and when the time is right, I would cut off the optical network, and then put it to death and regenerate it. When the bombing is over, the earth’s crust will move, and the light from the three underground floors of the Senate will also spread to the first floor. With the gathering of energy, all of you in the third generation of virtual avatars will wake up. After the bombing, I feel the light gradually coming out from the ground. But you still haven’t woken up, I finally jumped into the bottomless pit in the back mountain, and wanted to be with you.”
Hearing this, Ding Ke said wittily: “So you still rescued us by mistake?”
Jelly nodded: “Yes, after entering the bottomless pit, because I was wearing glasses at the time, I saw a road. When I took off the glasses, there was nothing, so I put on the glasses and walked along that road. , it may be due to the subversion of time and space and the factors of gravity. I have no sense of hunger in it, and I am growing rapidly. I can hear and see your every word and deed in it, but I just can’t go out. At that time, I suddenly fell into a hole, and after a long time, I appeared in the sky again, and then met a grain of rice.”
Li Chao, Ding Ke, and Tian Guang finished listening: “Don’t leave, let’s continue fighting side by side together.”
Mi Li nodded in agreement.
Jelly frowned: “In this peaceful and prosperous world, where do we need to fight side by side?”
“Let’s study your wonder in the black hole together, the mystery of science, inexhaustible and inexhaustible.”

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