XANA DAO Activity Awards Campaign

XANA is excited to announce its DAO Activity Awards Campaign, designed to recognize and honor members who have made substantial contributions to XANA activities. This campaign will feature a monthly awards presentation for various categories.

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Process of Nomination and Selection

The campaign follows a structured process including nominations (self or by others), voting, and winner selection managed by the XANA team.

  • Nominations and Voting: These will be conducted through a Google Form link shared in the ?XANA DAO Activity Awards category on Discord.
  • Email Confirmation: Participants will receive an email confirmation of their submission, which can be modified any time during the period through the provided link.
  • Multiple Nominations: For nominations in more than one category, a new form must be submitted for each.

Schedule of Activities

  • Self-Nomination: From the 16th of the target assessment month to 23:59 (UTC) on the last day of the month. Nominees will be officially announced on Discord.
  • Nominated by Others: From the 1st to the 3rd (UTC) of the evaluation month and the following month. All nominees will be eligible for voting.
  • Voting (Google Form): From the 4th to the 10th (UTC).
  • Selection of Winners (Management): From the 11th to around the 15th (UTC).

Categories and Activities

MVP Awards

  1. MVP Supporter: Recognition for DAO activities supporting members through recruitment decision proposals and plans.
  2. MVP Promoter: For promoting XANA through videos, tweets, blogs, etc. Referrals to DAO are also counted.
  3. MVP Creator: Acknowledging the creation of XANA-related works, including 2D, 3D, novels, real goods, and MEMEs using XANA as a theme.
  4. MVP Event Creator: Organizing events in the XANA metaverse and spreading activities.
  5. MVP World Builder: Creating excellent worlds in the builder, measured by visitor numbers. Video application may be required.
  6. MVP Avatar Builder: Creating outstanding avatars with Avatar Builder v2 and XANA STUDIO.

Reward Details

  • MVP (1 Person): $400 + NFT + WL
  • Runner-up MVP (2 Persons): $50 + NFT + WL
  • Best Effort Award (7 Persons): WL

Note: Prize money will be in stablecoins, and NFT will be the MVP Wearable for the Month.

Important Points to Note

Each category and reward may change monthly. For the latest information on award categories and rewards, please refer to the (award-categories & rewards-this-month) channel in the XANA DAO (Discord)

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Table of contents